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Toepel, M. G.; Kuehn, Hazel L. (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book, 1958

The state government: administrative branch,   pp. [323]-484 PDF (46.9 MB)

Page 326

326                 WISCONSIN BLUE BOOK
in aeronautics. They receive no salaries but are reimbursed for
actual expenses. A civil service administrative staff, headed by a
director selected and appointed by the commissioners, carries on
the agency's functions. The director supervises the staff and is
responsible for the execution of policies established by the com-
  The commission is responsible for the general supervision of
aeronautic activities in the state, and their sound promotion and
development. Among other things, it is directed by law to safe-
guard the interests of those engaged in all phases of aviation; to
formulate, recommend and promote reasonable regulations in the
interest of safety, and to coordinate the state's aviation interests
with those of other state and federal governments. It is especially
charged with the responsibility of cooperating with the federal
government regarding all federal laws providing for a national
airport system, and to make recommendations to the Governor and
the legislature on such measures as will best enable the state to
derive maximum benefits from such legislation.
   For the purpose of administration the functions of the commission
are divided into 7 classifications.
1. Airport Development. Encourages the development of an ade-
    quate system of publicly-owned airports in Wisconsin. The
    commission has established a state airport system plan deemed
    adequate to meet the anticipated aeronautical needs of the state,
    which includes at least one airport in each county, and all the
    airports in the national airport plan.
    a. Exercises control over airport development projects by means
       of findings issued as the result of petitions for airport aids
       filed by project sponsors.
    b. With the approval of the Governor, controls the allocations
       of all state and federal airport aids in Wisconsin.
    c. Handles all dealings with the federal government for federal
       aid for individual airport projects.
     d. Through agency agreements with public airport sponsors, as
       required by law, has jurisdiction over individual project
       finances (local, state and federal) and has the authority to
       spend such funds for authorized developments.
     e. By agreement with the project sponsors, assumes responsi-
       bility for project planning, design and supervision of con-
       struction for all work involving state and federal aid, with
       the exception of Milwaukee County, which handles its own
       with the approval of the commission.
 2. Airport Operation and Management. Conducts studies and in-
     vestigations with respect to the most effective methods for the
     development and operation of airports; assists public airport
     owners with airport operation and management problems and
     makes annual inspections of public airports in the state to de-
     termine the level of airport maintenance, and makes reports of
     its findings to the airport owners, the commission and the fed-
     eral government.

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