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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[North Fond du Lac directory: B],   pp. 351-354

Page 353

ER MING                    for Lime, Cement, 
   ME MLk Brick, Stucco and all .. 
     14-16-18 Fourth St, Fond du Lao, Wis.  BULUlUin  Na lUeZUs. 
 N 1BLA         N. Foiw Du LAcJ 353 [DimoRy           BRY .. 
 Blake Edward, fireman Soo Ry. h 617 Illinois av., 
    Blake Edward J. condr, h 814 Michigan av. al 
t 0 Blaney Arthur, call boy, h 854 Wisconsin av. 
   ,Blaney Edward J. loco. engnr. h 854 Wisconsin av. 
     Blassnig Frank, carp. h 1023 Wisconsin av. 
     Bochart Joseph, painter, h Park Hotel. 
   iBodoh George, engnr. h 841 Michigan av. 
   Bogutske Walter, lab. Soo Line, h lO2 Polk.            30 
   &.onk Frank J. engnr Soo Ry. h 616 Illinois av.             0 
    Booth Albert, insp. Soo Ry. h 5  Illinois av. 
U s4 Booth Edmund, clk. h 505 Illinois av.,-             4. 
   :2 Booth John H. switchman Soo Ry. h 501 Illinois av. 
     Booth Prentice, foreman Soo Ry. h 505 Illinois av. 
     Borchardt Joseph P. painter Soo Ry. h 505' Indiana av.    p P' 
 t"4Borofka John, engnr Soo Line, h 836 Michigan av. t            0,
    Bottrell Bert, lab. h 511 Minnesota av.                      _ 
    .Bowe George, mach. h 711 Florida.                     C) 
in.'Bowhousen Fred W. engnr. C. & N. W. h 535 Wisconsin av.      Nq 
CaBrady Arthur, fireman Soo Line, h 623 Michigan av.           C 
        C=171-175 N. MAIN                     TELEPHONE 00 
C..ZBrady Eugene, fireman Soo Ry. h 515 Wisconsin av. 
=Brandt Erwin, mach. h 1119 Michigan av. P 
=Brandt Flora Miss, h III9 Michigan av. 
%.Brandt William A. carp. 'h 1119 Michigan av.                    - 
____Braun John, carp. h 509 Delaware av. 
=    Braun Joseph, mach. h 725 Michigan av. I 
     Brennan Patrick, fireman, h 830 Michigan av.                   . 
=BRETT ALBERT W. men's furnishings, dry goods, notions and a' 
8       clothing, 707 Wisconsin av. h same. 
     Brigham Albert W. asst. cashier, h 1123 Michigan av.       , I 
=    Brigham Harry, lab. h 1123 Michigan av. 
    |Brigham Paul, h 1123 Michigan av.                     ea 
I    Brigham William F. lab. h 1123 Michigan av. 
   = Broderick Frank M. condr. h ioi5 Michigan av.               x 
     Brofft Fred, blksmith. h Eagle Hotel.                 0. 
   ]Brown Laura (wid. Curtis M.) h 1025 Michigan av.       '- il 
LAOlBrunson Thomas, carp. C. & N. W. shops, h 516 McKinley.        X
     Bryant Charles, lab. h 69 Harrison. h                 2e 
C=Bryant George W. express, 69 Harrison, h same.       n0. 4 
       CrofoL~umbr~o         Dalers in Vans.Eamels, 
                             Patent Roofing and Asphalt 
     C.ofootlumbe         o  Shingles.:: 

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