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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: P],   pp. 250-263

Page 251

     47 Soutb Main Street               Fond du Lac, Wis. 
 uC* PAG            FOND Du LAC] 251 (DiRECTORY         PAPo 
 C   Pagel Charles, foreman, h 225 Military. 
 Pagel Charles, lab. h 454 3d.                              ยง0 
 C= Pagel Emelia (wid. Ernest) h 479 Walker. 
     Pagel Frank, lab. h 124 E. 13th. 
     Pagel Frank, saloon, 225 Military, h same.             -. 
   ow Pagel George, lab. h 479 Walker. 
 I-i Pagel Herman, mach. hd. h 124 E. 13th. 
     Pagel Herman, mach. hd. h 479 Walker. 
   < Pagel Ida Miss, h 479 Walker. 
     Pagel John, hlpr. 151 N. Main, h 15 S. Marr. 
 V   Pagel William, auto opr. h 93 E. Scott. 
 vH*Pa     enrietta (wid. Christ) h 184 N. Main.               m 
 1   Paige F. Gay, photog. 102 S. Main, h 389 Ellis. 
 14 PALATINE INS. CO. LTD. of London, Eng. A. B. Schuchardt, _ 
 agt. 9 Forest av. 
     Palen Guy, lab. h 7o E. McWilliams. 
     Palmer Amy Mrs. clk. 85 S. Main, h 2o8 S. Main. 
     Palmer Celestia (wid. James G.) h 247 Linden. 
     Palmer Eliza C. Mrs. prin. Marr St. Academy, h 264 S. Marr. 
                             THE    DAILY     REPORTER 
     Phon                    Better than ever.   I Oc a week. 
     PALMER HOUSE, Wisconsin Hotel Co. props. Main, n. e. cor. 
 10  Palmer Mary N. comp. h 264 S. Marr. 
 2   Palmer Radford, studenth 208 S. Main. 
 r   Palmer Spencer, printer, h 224 3d. 
     Palmquist Charles E. ry. mail clk. h 20o Ruggles. 
  Panetti Frieda A. Miss, h 256 Superior. 
 =-Panetti Gilbert, student, h 256 Superior. 
     Panetti Paul P. horse dealer, 256 Superior, h same. 
IS   Panetti Philip J. elk. 124 S. Main, h 256 Superior. .   "I2 
     Panger Agnes, box mkr. h 156 N. Waupun. 
*Wo Panger Earl, nailer, h 163 N. Waupun. 
cL._ Panger Ellsworth, lab. h 161 N. Waupun. 
1,It Panger Julius E. saloon, 151 N. Waupun, h 156 N. Waupun. 
   o Panger Raymond, tanner, h 156 N. Waupun. 
eOl  Panzer William, lab. h 508 Clinton.                      'I 
-'z Panzer William Jr. switchman C. & N. W. h 504 Clinton.  W 00 
-,Papa John, janitor, 390 E. Division, h same. 
ZZ Pape Alfred, photog. h 69 S. Marr. 
    Member of the Bar U. S. Su owm Cozt  Mechauical and Eledril  ef Eminer
        Pateat Causes a Speciay  Extm't       U. S. Paten Off& 
    Moriell, Keeney & French--SolcitorS of Patents 814   MtiBu 

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