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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: C],   pp. 80-95

Page 92

     The Life Policies of the TRAVELERS INSURANCE COMPANY 
     of Harfdord, Conn., have no equal. Pay you to investigate. See Jay P.
     McDermott, Special Agent, Fond du Lac, Wis. 
     coo            FoND Du LAO] 92 [DriaTonY              COR 
     :Coon Nellie, clk. Ioi S. Main, h 69 S. Marr. 
.1 c Coon Nellie E. Miss, h w s Martin av. nr. Fair Grounds.    C 
   a Coon Ruth Miss, h 301 Star. 
   Z Coon William E. lab. h 370 3d. 
W|-Cooper Bessie, tchr. Union school, h 150 Military. * 
   O[Cooper Edward F. treas. The Dallman & Cooper Supply Co. h 2C 
 be      267 4th. 
   .Cooper Edward H. h 150 Military.                          | 
'    'Cooper Hattie C. student, h 267 4th. 
   ] Cooper Marie, student, h 267 4th. 
   GO'Cooper Wallace J. corn. tray. h 150 Military. 
   . Corbeille Anastasia (wid. Cyril) h 184 N. Waupun. 
     Corbeille Austin, del. clk. h 333 Rosendale av. 
   - Corbeille Catherine Miss, h 333 Rosendale av.              C= 
ss, h 333 Rosendale av. 
rakeman, h 326 E. ist. 
ab. h 184 N. Waupun. 
wid. Peter T.) grocer, 333 Rosendale av. h C 
Napoleon Z.) h 221 W. Johnson. 
Fun"al Directors and Licensed Embalmers 
FROM OTHeR oTInSe -   SmahdrY mvm d  9arante 
G. F. HaTdrove M R. Phone 1217  G. H. Gordon Rm. Ptme 579 %.d 
b. h 123 W. Cotton. 
gar mnfr. 14 6th, h same. 
vid. Thomas) h 365 4th. 
lab. h 134 N. Brooke. 
dress, h 365 4th. 
opr. Wis. Tel. Co. h 14 S. Union.       . . 
3kpr. 17 Forest av. h 14 S. Union. 
tone ctr. h 461 W. Division. 
r. painter, h 461 W. Division. 
lab. h 339 S. Main. 
Wisconsin Tel. Co. h 461 W. Division. 
h  134 N. Brooke. 
xp. mess. h 134 N. Brooke. 
tone ctr. h 35 4th. 
sta. engnr. h 14 S. Union. 
lpr. h 461 iW. Division. 
er Am. Ex. Co. h i1o E. Merrill. 
acher Bragg school, h 19o E. Merrill. 
ash. Northern Casket Co. h 19o E. Merrill. 
SEE Collins & Klock 

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