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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: C],   pp. 80-95

Page 83

            101116Reel Estate, Con Vey 
     W.                                     Abstracting 
       W . DoiE            S     4f S Mai St. Fond dU Lac, Wis. 
     CAR            FoNw DU LAo] 83 [DmEOtOBy           CHA 
   WhCarter Irving J. sec. M. W. Marshall Medicine Co. h 1 16 Oak. 
W  Carty John, lab. h 277 3d. 
Z' Carty Katherine Mrs. (85) died Feb. 6, 1913. 
0    Carty Mae, elk. 74 S. Main, h 277 3d. 
X 0 Carty Willard, elk. h 277 3d. 
IL 0 Case Cleo A. dressmkr. 79 E. 9th, h same. 
     Case George H. chiropractor, 13 E. Ist, h same. 
     Case George W. brakeman, h 95 4th. 
     Case Gilbert D. florist, 414 Linden, h 381 Grant. 
Case Justin L. foreman, h 147 Brush. 
19Case William J. mach. h 52 E. Johnson.                      e4- 
116 Caspar George, h 349 Morris. 
4" Caspar Nicholas, lab. h 296 Amory. 
Casper Louise, domestic, h 181 Gillett.                       Ill 
I    Castonia Ambrose, shoe mkr. h 226 4th. 
     Catholic Union Hall, Lange Block. 
     Caufield Julia Miss, h 75 W. 2d.                             ' 
     S Cavanagh    Miss, h 105 Sheboygan. 
     Cavanagh Jane (24) died June 20, 1913. 
                     A NEWSY NEWSPAPER                             C 
       Reporter Want A&b P.,v                     Phone 631 
     Cavanau Bertha, domestic, h 78 S. Portland.              C) 
* Cebell Ethel, milliner, h 87 E. 12th. 
A    Cebell Louis, painter, h 87 E. 12th. 
544 Cebell Raymond J. com. trav. h 241 6th. 
    Cebulsky Helen, domestic, h 113 W. Division. 
 t4Central Hotel, John Henney, 251 Forest av. 
 ,J Cevene Arthur, meter tester, 15 N. Main, h 298 N. Park av.     F 
    Chadbourne Annie T. (wid. Cyrus) h 26 Champion av.        Pi 
    Chadbourne Cyrus (69) died July 14, 1913. 
    w Chadbourne Franklin W. (Morse & Chadbourne) h 57 N. Sophia. 
     Chadister Ethel, domestic, h 390 E. Division. 
    5Chaganos George, h 23o N. Brooke.- 
    Chalfant Edward B. sales. 14 Sheboygan, h 58 S. Marr.        F  ' 
 mO  Challoner Sarah R. electric healer, 98 S. Macy, h 250 S. Sey- 
        mour.                                                 ,q 
    Challoner W. Ray, elk. h 284 Gillett.                     fgq 
  a Chamberlain Jessie (wid. Henry C.) h 50 5th. 
    Chamberlain Jessie M. nurse, 50 5th, h same. 
    Chamberlain Joseph, clk. 20 N. Main, h 24 Court.               0 
                   AWeoeet Your Inv.0uon by7 Patents- 
    Patent Lititatfn-A. L. Mor, 814 MaIe4I 334d Milwo.lkee, Wis. 

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