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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Fond du Lac directory: B],   pp. 52-79

Page 79

    FINE SHOES                Main and First Streets 
BUS               ForN DU LA] 79 [DIRECTO Y        BYR 
  Bush William I. condr. Soo Line, h 30 Olcott. 
  n Buss Herman J. photographer, 171 S. Main, h 91 4th.       __ 
  Scl Buss John F. piano tuner, h i 16 8th. 
  --Buss Louise (wid. Charles) (65) Died May 26, 1913. 
  2EVBussa Alma, domestic, h IOI E. Arndt.              ac 
  2 Bussewitz Alma, mus. tchr. 21 E. 13th, h same. 
  Bussewitz Mary (wid. Robert) h 510 Military. 
    Bussewitz Otto H. carp. h 21 E. I3th. 
D   Butler Albert L. h 353 Walker. 
6   Butler Aplin (wid. Daniel) h 54 N. Marr. 
    Butler Augusta (wid. Edward) h 247 S. Park av. 
    Butler Celia (wid. Abram) (66) died Nov. Iith, 1913. 
 COD Butler Charlotte (wid. Matthew) h 31o Superior. 
 a- Butler Doll, stenog. 24 Forest av. h 86 Harrison pl.       "0 
    Bur Erdl 
  44├ŻButler Edward, lab. h 463 W..Scott.                         C
"'* Butler Eli, bartndr. 320 W. Scott, h 463 W. Scott. 
c   Butler Florence J. Miss, h 463 W. Scott.            -1 
    Butler Frances S. (wid. Secor) h 310 Superior. 
    Butler Francis, shoe wkr. h 303 Morris. 
 COLE SAINGS BANK                         Per Cent on 
    C   L                              Deposits 
    Butler elite kwiu I nomas) n 30 IvlOrris. 
  - Butler Thomas, cement wkr. h 303 Morris. 
4 BUTLER WILLIAM J. veterinary surgeon a 
        uate Ontario Vet. Coll. Class 1889) 15 E. 
    Butterfield Carrie T. (wid. Henry) h 52 S. Pa 
C   Butterfield Clarence, ins. agt. 208, 3 S. Main, I 
    Butterfield Gladys, teacher Grant school, h 52 
    Butz Catherine (wid. John P.) h 321 E. Merr 
    Butz Emil, tanner, h i58 Dix. 
3   Butz Fred A. W. jeweler, 21 E. ist, h 158,Dia. 
I-- Butz Olive, elk. 52 S. Main, h 321 E. Merrill. 
    Butzler Gerhard, h 318 Linden. 
= Butzler Helen V. (Butzler & Leifeld) h 318 I 
 Butzler John J. brakeman Soo Line, h 318 Li 
    Butzler & Leifeld (Helen V. Butzler, Dora A 
        ers, 134 S. Main. 
    Byerley David, molder, h 114 6th. 
    Byrne Ruth, teacher Franklin school, b 82 6th. 
        Manafacturers of Mouldings of every kin4 for Hose Buildig. 
              Hamrdwood Veneered Doors our Sveraty. 
TeL No. 4, Miils and Yard; TeL 472, Retall Yar.  Soo Pul Page Advers.......

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