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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: B],   pp. 52-79

Page 63

    FINE SHOES                  Main and First Streets 
 cc BIN            FooND Du LAO] 63 [DIraCTOfY          BIS 
z,.BINGAMAN RAY 0. cigars and billiards, 14 S. Main, h i S. 
6      MMacy. 
z. Bingen George A. tmstr. 18i Forest av. h 367 S. Hickory.      ___ 
    Bingen Henry, blksmith. h 367 S. Hickory. 
 =  Bingen Josephine Miss, h 367 S. Hickory. 
 @3 Bingenheimer Esther C. student, h 236 S. Main.         3_ 
 Bingenheimer George P. sales. 32 3d, h 236 S. Main.            311 
    Binning Henry H. h 82 Green. 
C#* Binning leleen, teacher Grant school, h 82 Green. 
    Binning Josephine M. Miss, h 82 Green. 
-   Bintz John, tanner, h 88 N. Main. 
.=  Bintz Nazoo, del. clk. 22 N. Main, h 338 E. Merrill. 
     Birch Albert V. master mech. Soo Line, h 78 3d. 
     Birch Gertrude Mrs. h 206 E. Ist. 
 vo Bird Charles, lab. h 2o N. Butler. 
 ," Bird Charles Jr. car insp. Soo Ry. h 479 W. Scott. 
 C¢, Bird Guy A. lab. h 497 Grand.                          -* 
 M   Bird Josephine M. mach. opr. h 20 N. Butler.           ___ 
 C= Bird Leon H. car insp. Soo Ry. h 392 W. Sibley. 
    Lf'Winte                 roiefr bypniga 
                                    Account with the 
 Bird Louis, lab. h 20 N. Butler. 
 o Bird William H. starter, h 497 Grand. 
   --Birdsall Edith C. asst. librarian Public Library, h I73 Sheboy', 
   -    gan. 
   e Birschbach John, janitor, h 33 E. Rees. 
   Birschbach Mary, laundress, h 33 E. Rees.                     M 
     Birschbach Peter, lab. h 246 Rose. 
     Birschbach Rose, domestic, h 201 E. Ist. 
  Bishop George E. com. trav. h 269 E. ist. 
  =  Bishop Grace H. student, h 269 E. Ist. 
  Bishop Llewellyn A. physician, 107 S. Marr, h 70 E. ist. 
  I  Bishop Marlea 0. vocal tchr. 70 E. 1st, h same. 
  *  Bishop Pierce E. clk. 83 S. Main, h 269 E. Ist. 
     Bishop Sarah (wid. Ansel A.) (65) died Nov. i6, 1913. 
   Bishop Stephen T. chauf. h 315 S. Park av. 
   p Bissell Frank C. lumber, h 214 S. Hickory. 
 L.N Bissell Minnie (wid. Edward H.) h 97 W. 2d. 
      Bissett Alfred W. com. trav. h 492 Forest av. 
      Bissonette Frank A. confr. 164 N. Main, h same. 
      MOORE & GALLOWAY LUMBER CO., Fond du Lac, Wis.' 
            Also carry complete stock of WINDOW GLASS  :: ul  :  I.: 
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