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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: B],   pp. 52-79

Page 55

FINE SHOES  Main and First S 
CBAR               FONcD Du LAC] 55 LDiuEcTO,Y         BAR 
   a, Barbeau Walter, tool mkr. h 36 W. 2d. 
   Barber Mary Mrs. (85) died August 4, 1914. -_ 
   ZBarber Westley B. lab. h 158 S. Hickory. 
   °Barhyte John K. mach. 56 N. Main, h 52 W. Division. 
 Barkelaar Gerrat, lab. h 204 Taylor. 
    Barkelaar Irvin, clk. h 204 Taylor. 
Barkelaar Mabel, trimmer, h 204 Taylor. 
    Barnes Arthur C. brakeman C. & N. W. Ry. h 42 S. Union. 
Barnes Charles A. h 232 Military. 
    Barnes Clara E. milliner 52 S. Main, h 194 5th. 
 "  Barnes Emma A. (wid. John J.) h 194 5th. 
    Barnes Fidelia (wid. William J.) h 135 3d. 
 " Barnes Fred E. chauf. h 360 Western av. 
 ca  Barnes Fred H. stock buyer, h 64 E. Rees. 
    ON Barnes Hattie J. C. S. practitioner, h 360 Western av.    M 
=7- Barnes Henry A. h 360 Western av. 
Barnes Ida, domestic, h 15o E. Division.                    co 
2    Barnes Lulu A. bkpr. 142 S. Main, h 194 5th. 
     Barnes Margaret, dressmkr. 232 Military, h same.       "_ 
,' FOREIGN DRAFTS                              BANK            - 
Barnes Minnie Miss, h 135 3d. 
C   Barnes Nana F. laundress, h 76 E. 9th. 
    Barnes Reba Mrs. h 76 E. 9th. 
    Barney James, h 118 N. Hickory.a 
Barrett Joseph J. h 15 S. Marr. 
Barrett Joseph P. engnr. Soo Line, h 80 W. ist.                 6 
I   Barron Mary B. housekpr. Ih 83 E. 2d.                      2 
=   Barry Arthur, bartndr. 193 W. Scott, h 345 Bannister. 
   B artel Adeline, domestic, h 127 Gillett.;x 
   Bartel Hattie Miss, h 55 4th. 
C0   Bartell George, carp. h 98 N. Main. 
    Bartlett Alice -M. Miss, h 79 E. Follett. 
C    Bartlett Annie (wid. James C.) h 79 E. Follett. 
C   Bartlett Frank A. h 296 Linden. 
     Bartlett John, foreman, h 221 S. Main.                     V 
--J Bartlett Mary A. (wid. Charles B.) h 296 Linden. 
LL. Bartlett Walter P. printer, h 564 S. Hickory. 
Barton Joseph, lab. h 297 E. 9th. 
    Barton William, lab. h 297 E. 9th. 
--MOORE & GALLOWAY LUMBER Co., Pond du Lac, Wis.' 
        SJ McWilliams St., Tel. No. 4- Car. Main and Merrill St&, TeL
No. 472. 
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