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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: A],   pp. 45-52

Page 51

                               Real Estate, ConWDSe 
               Wancing. Abstracting 
           W .De  TEES         4. S Main St. Fond du Lac, Ws 
q   ARN            FoND DU LAC] 51 [RmEc-o           AUL 
  Wi Arndt Reinhardt, lab. h 223 W. Arndt.                     > 
W 3Arnold Byron, lab. h 314 Grove. 
Z   Arnold Clark, mason, h 202 Henning. 
o 4 Arnold Grace F. Miss, h 314 Grove. 
X O Arnold Ira, lab. h 365 Morris. 
C 0 Arnold Oscar R. h 365 Morris. 
  - Arnold Oscar R. steam ftr. h 434 Cedar. 
  ,, Aronin Samuel, h 44o Grove.                         :0lo 
     Artelle Richard R. lab. h 376 E. 2d. 
     Arthur Carrie, candy dipper, h 14o Vincent. 
 Arthur Marie, candy dipper, h i4o Vincent. 
 # Arthur Minor, lab. h i4O Vincent.                             - 
 A rthur Simon, clk. 64 S. Main, h 14o Vincent.                   X 
    Arthur Thomas S. jeweler 31 S. Main, h 17o Sheboygan.        M E 
    Ashley Katherine M. (wid. George H.) h 48 Sheboygan. 
    Asimont Albert G. brakeman C. & N. W. Ry. h 437 Thomas. 
    Asimont Emil, rep. man i1 E. Ist, h 437 Thomas. 
    Asimont Lina Miss, h 437 Thomas. 
    Asimont Mabel Miss, h 437 Thomas. 
T              DAILY REPORTERp 
                    A NEWSY NEWSPAPER                           C 
       Rewote Wanit A&~                         Pho 61 
    Asimont Myrtle Miss, h 437 Thomas.                           0 
    Asmus John, lab. h 288 S. Hickory. 
M    Aspatore Peter J. peddler, h 326 W. Division. 
I". Associated Charities, 56 S. Main. 
    Atkins Charles E. clk. h 225 Linden. 
 t  Atkins Edwin E. physicain, 5, 24 S. Main, h 125 E. 2d.        a 
 =  Atkins Harry, engnr. h 2o4 Bannister.                        r 
    Atkins Louis E. tmstr. 20 4th, h 2o4 Bannister.              E 
    Atkins Ralph, lab. h 204 Bannister.                        ( 
    w Atkins Wayne, opr. Wis. Tel. Co. h 265 9th. 
    Atz Rosamond, stenographic instr. 3d f1. 78 S. Main, h 42 N. (.5 
        Park av. 
    . Auchue Fred, bartndr. hk 37 N. Sibley.                       > 
    W Auchue Mary Mrs. h Catholic Home. 
    Auge Mabel, stenog. h 353 E. Scott. 
  t Auge Napoleon B. lab. h 353 E. Scott. 
     AUGUSTIN WALTER J. phonographs, 17 S. Main, h 104 E- "E. 
sit      iith.                                            kC 
     Ault William L. painter, h 74 W. Division.         _  0 
                  V     yet. Your lanvvattmm by Patonts 
     1Patent L    -A. I. Morsel, 814 Mwaieol BN-. Milwaukee, Win. 

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