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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: A],   pp. 45-52

Page 50

'GORNER                    THE DAYLIGHT STORK I 
      FOND Du LAC] 50 [DireCToBY        ARN 
Robert M. assembler, h 254 Linden. 
Robert S. teller F. D. Lac Nat. Bank, h 242 Sheboy-  
ON VEHICLE CO. (Buell Anderson) 38-40 W. 2d. 
)seph, carp. h 337 Marquette. 
tephen, carp. h 337 Marquette. 
Villiam, carp. h 337 Marquette. 
Villiam, carp. h 28 W. McWilliams. 
Edward E. h 372 N. Main.                     1, 
Z'I Andrews Stephen, carp. contr. 305 N. P'ark av. h same.      -41 
Z Andrews William, buffer, h 328 E. Merrill.             co 
    Annas William G. carp. h 83 W. ist. 
    Annen John, insp. Water Wks. h 232 Doty.              "% 
    Annen Theresa, hair dresser i8 Sheboygan, h 232 Doty.     C_2 
   Annis Delbert D. condr. C. & N. W. Ry. h 74 South. 
Annis Harriet, dressmaker 317 Morris, h same. 
SAnnis Julius A. sta. engnr. h 148 Western av. 
    Ano Edward, h 299 Forest av. 
    A. R. Overall Co. John Froehling, i67 S. Main.            . 
                                          GARDEN SEEDS       Z 
                 HENRY   BROS, CLOVER SEED t" 
                 TOM  IDHNE 15                                1 
    Arenz Edward M. tinner, h 237 Western av.             ca 
    Arenz John, h 138 Western av. 
    Arenz Joseph, h 458 Western av.                             0 
F'Armory E, 33 E. 2d. 
    Armstrong Charles, marble wks. 14 Western av. h same.       0 
^1 Armstrong James T. agt. C. M. & St. P. Ry. h IO9 Cherry. 
Armstrong James T. Mrs. instr. Grafton Hall, h io9 Cherry.       0 
Armstrong James.W. agt. h 43 E. ioth. 
    Armstrong Josephine, stenog. h 14 Western av.                = 
    Armstrong Katherine Miss, 'h i6i W. Follett.          C4 
    Armstrong Margaret, electrolysis, i8 Sheboygan, h 76 Westernb" 
*       av.          * 
    Armstrong Patrick, sheet metal wkr. 47 3  h I6i W. Follett.  * 
Arndt Arthur, tmstr. h 225 W. Arndt. 
SArndt Augusta (wid. Reinhard) h 225 W. Arndt. 
SArndt Charles, lab. h 356 Doty. 
    Arndt Louise, domestic, h 206 MiLitLary.               --. 
    Arndt Marie, folder, h 225 W. Arndt. ,. 
    Arndt Martha Miss, h 225 W. Arndt.                    CI 
                                   Aauihictuins of Moudinkg Sams 
    O. C. STEENBERG CO. =a                   dcw 
    SASH AND DOOR FACTORY           jA Stair B uldes Ie %V T < 8 
  Co.Bok avid McWjllams St- Fond duL Lw-, Busines establise 186  Tel  8iiff

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