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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: A],   pp. 45-52

Page 48

     CHEESE PRESSES                         MILK CANS 
     CHEESE VATS                            WEIGH CANS 
 4 ~ALC            Fo"q Dur LAdl 48 (DimcmoRy            ME 
   U Alcott Henry C. auditor Soo Ry. h 204 Superior. 
tIAlexander Blanche G. tailoress, 105 S. Main, h 184 Doty. 
=Alexander Mattie (wid. James) h 184 Doty. 
r-cAlexander Sarah J. (wid. Isaac) h 51 E. Ist. 
-   ) Alexander William, warehouse man 204 W. Division, h 184 Doty 
8.4R Allair Fred, mach. h 83 Harrison pl. 
2-- Allan William P. tmstr. h 4 S. Boardman. 
Q   Allard Arthur J. auto driver 24 W. Division, h 196 N. Main. 
    Allard Emilia (wid. Charles) (63) died Jan. 31, 1913.     0 
  Allcott John V. com. trav. h 53,5th.                      0D 
    Allen Carrie (wid. George 1H.) h 16o 3d.                o= 
    Allen Charles, fireman, h 221 7th. 
  S Allen Dudley G. carp. h 64 N. Butler. 
     Allen Erna Miss, h 64 N. Butler. 
  AV Allen Eugene R. engnr. h 70 Western av. 
  iAllen George, h 42 7th. 
     Allen Georgia A. (wid. Ervin) h 441 Doty.                 . 
    Allen Irvin G. h 441 Doty. 
  Z  AUen Jessie, instr. High school, h 81 S. Park av.      0 M 
                                 Dry Goods, Carpets, Rugs, 
                                 Curtains, Lamps, Crockery, p 
     '711 U        ,.Cloaks, Furs, Suits. 
     Allen John B. tmstr. 151 N. Main, h 397 N. Main. 
   Allen John U. student, h 70 Western av. 
   Allen Martha B. stenog. h 70 Western av.                  C. 
  Allen Ora, art needle work, h 64 N. Butler.               >W 
:5Allen Un S. h 171 Military. 
02J'OAllen Wilbur A. chauf. h 70 Western av. 
  ' Althaus Edward, pipeman Hose Co. No. i, h 224 Oak. 
     Altman Frank A. acct. Soo Line, h 428 6th. 
     Alverson Clara (wid. Arthur) h 218 W. Cotton. 
 Ln Alwicher John, carp. h 361 W. Division. 
 -ý Amann Anton, ck. 15 4th, h 103 E. Johnson.                  L
     Ambelang Andrew B. (Becker & Ambelang) h 21 E. Johnson. PV 
 Ambelang Fred, foreman, h IOO 3d. 
     Amelunxen John, lab. h ioo N. Bell.                    012. 
     American Chemical Co. M. K. Reilly, pres.; J. J. Gromme, v- 
COO     pres.; M. Fitzsimons, treas.; J. P. Reilly, sec.-mngr.; 350 5. 
        Main.                                               t 0 
 American District Telegraph Co. M. L. Smith, mngr. 24Y2 S. 
     Real Estate               B. Schuchardt v,'.-..07 
                              BUYS, SELLS AND RENTS TO 

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