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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

Fond du Lac directory: miscellaneous information,   pp. [15]-[44]

Page 27

National Food Co.-Incorp. 1885; T. E. Pritchard, pres.; D. B. 
    Foster, v-pres.; A. H. Richardson, sec.-mngr.; W. 0. Pritch- 
    ard, treas.-asst. mngr.; 183-187- Western av. 
Northern Casket Co.-Incorp. 1872; capital $200,000; Win. 
    Mauthe, pres.; Chas. Rueping, v-pres.; H. R. Potter, sec.- 
    treas.; N. Brooke s. w. cor. Lewis. 
O'Brien Dry Goods Co.-Incorp. 19ol; capital $6o,ooo; John 
    Heath, pres.; T. H. O'Brien, v-pres.; Benj. Wild, Jr., sec.- 
    treas.; 26-28 S. Main. 
Reporter Printing Co. The-Incorp. 1892; capital $3o0,oo; L. A. 
    Lange, pres.-mngr.; A. H. Lange, %res.: Emery Martin, 
    sec.; C. F. Coffman, treas.; 20 \ 
Rosenbaum Construction Co.-Incorporated 1912; capital $ro- 
    ooo; John W. Rosenbaum, pres.-mngr.; -Paul R. Sielaff, 
    v-pres.; Henry Wachs, sec.-treas.: 13 E. Ist. 
Rueping Fred Leather Co.-Incorp. 1894; capital $1,5OO,OOO; F. 
    J. Rueping, pres.; W. H. Rueping, v-pres.-supt.; J. C. Goetz, 
    sec.; J. Gentle, treas.; 96 Doty. 
Sand Rock Water Co.-Incorp. I9oo; capital $25,000; S. D. Wy- 
    att, pres.; H. R. Potter, v-pres..; Harold Normile, sec.; M. T. 
    Simmons, cashier; 63 S. Main. 
Sanitary Plumbing Co.-Incorp. 1912; capital $5,ooo; F. 0. Fun- 
    key, pres.; J. A. Harlin, sec.-treas.; i77 S. Main. 
Standard Lime & Stone Co.-Incorp. 19o2; capital $2oo,ooo; H. 
    Lyons, pres.; W. I. Hamilton, v-pres.; W. A. Titus, sec.- 
    treas.; 9 Forest av. 
Steenberg, 0. C. Co.-Incorp. 1896; capital $; Fred G. 
    Steenberg, sec.-treas.; W. McWilliams cor. N. Brooke. 
Sullivan J. E. Co. The-Incorp. 19o4; capital $3,000; J. E. Sulli- 
    van, pres.-treas.; M. E. Sullivan, v-pres.; M. K. Reilly, sec.; 
    7 S. Main. 
Sweet B. F. & H. L. Co.-Jncorp. 1895; capital $8oooo; Waldo 
    Sweet, v-pres.; L. E. Sweet, treas.; G. B. Sweet, supt.; W. 
    Arndt bet. Packer and Satterlee. 
Thomsen Decorating Co.-Incorp. 19o8; capital $7,500; Jacob 
    Thomsen, pres.-treas.; John H. Thomsen, sec.: I8 S. Main. 
Title and Abstract Co. The-Incorp. 1895 ; capital $2,5oo; George 
    R. McIntosh, pres.;,J. D. McIntosh, v-pres.; W. I. Cole, 
    sec.-treas.; 32 S. Main. 
Treleven-Langrack Co.-Incorp. 191o; capital $25,o00; A. E. 
    Treleven, pres.; H. M. Langrack, sec.-treas.; 102 S. Main. 
Vulcan Mnfg. Co.-Incorp. 1911; capital $5o,ooo; J. W. Immel, 
    pres.; H. J. Immel, v-pres.; H. W. Hawley, sec.; H. A. Mich- 
    ler, treas.; Albert L. Horr, mngr.; N. Main cor. Boyd. 
Wagner Dry Goods Co.-Incorp. 1903; capital $30,0oo; M. Wag- 
    ner, pres.; E. Wagner, v-pres.; A. N. Wagner, sec.-treas.; 
    122-124 S. Main. 
Wells R. C. Mnfg. Co.-Incorp. 1912; capital $2oo,ooo; F. J. 
    Rueping, pres.; R. C. Wells, v-pres.; L. J. Fuhrman, sec.; 
    G. P. Heathcote, treas.; 110-126 S. Brooke. 

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