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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: miscellaneous information,   pp. [15]-[44]

Page 26

* Co.-Incorp. 1914; capital $25,000; John P. Hess, 
sephine Hess, v-pres.; M. K. Raidy, sec.-treas.; 88 
ry Goods Co.-Incorp. i1ol; capital $60,00o; J. M. 
s.; Mrs. J. M. Hill, v-pres. ; E. W. Hill, sec.-treas. ; 
ederehe, asst. sec.-treas.; 64-66 S. Main. 
are Co.-Incorp. 19o6; capital $12,ooo; C. W. Hirth, 
     sec.-treas.; 142 S. Main. 
 Huber Bros. The-Incorp. 1882; capital $25,000; H. F. Wetter, 
     sec.; A. W. Joslyn, treas.; 36 S. Main. 
 Hutter Construction Co. The-Incorp. 19o9; capital $15,000; 
     Joseph Hutter, Sr., pres.; Joseph Hutter, Jr., v-pres.; Geo. 
     F. Hutter, treas.; I. G. Hutter, sec.; 128-130 Western av. 
 Immel Construction Co.-Incorporated igo9; capital $50,000; J. 
     W. Immel, pres.; Henry J. Immel, v-pres.; C. A. Lyneis, 
     sec.; Henry J. Kleineschay, treas.; 200-202 N. Main. 
 Ives F. B. Co. The-Incorp. 1892; capital $6o,ooo; A. B. Ives, 
     pres.; A. C. Ives, v-pres.; G. B. Ives, 2d v-pres.-mngr.; F. C. 
     Kuebler, sec.-treas.; 184-186 W. 2d. 
 Keller Pneumatic Tool Co.-Incorp. 1914; capital $IOO,OOO; 
     Julius Keller, pres.; Clara Keller, v-pres.; Julius Keller, Jr., 
     sec.-treas.; 2d fir. 110-126 S. Brooke. 
 Lake Side Investment Co.-Incorp. i9oi; capital $20,000; H. W. 
     Moore, pres.; L. F. McLean, v-pres.; S. D. Wyatt, sec.; 63 
     S. Main. 
 Laux Mercantile Co.-Incorp. 1912; capital $7,500; S. Rickert, 
     pres.; William Laux, Jr., treas.; A. N. Rickert, sec.; 67 and 
     165 S. Main. 
 Little Frederick A. Co.-Incorp. 1911 ; capital $15,OOO; Frederick 
     A. Little, pres.; Frank R. Brownlee, v-pres.; Sidney L. Lit- 
     tle, sec.-treas.; 55 S. Main. 
 Longdin-Brugger Co-Incorp. 1896; capital $4o,ooo; C. Brug- 
     ger, pres.; S. H. Longdin, v-pres.; L. T. Treleven, treas.; 
     W. F. Treleven, sec.; 21-23 W. 2d. 
 Marshall M. W. Medicine Co.-Incorp. 19o6; capital $15,ooo; F. 
     P. Marshall, pres.; A. M. Thayer, v-pres.; I. J. Carter, sec.; 
     250 Oak. 
.McDermott Agency The-Incorp. 191o; capital $5,ooo; Wm. 
     McDermott, pres.-treas.; Jay P. McDermott, v-pres.; George 
     L. McDermott, sec.; Albert Rieder, asst. sec.; 24 S. Main. 
 McGregor D. C. Co.-Incorp.; 0. W. Helmold, pres.; L. F. 
     Lewis, sec.; H. C. Niederehe, treas.; 25 S. Main. 
 Model Laundry Co.-Incorp. 19o8; capital $25,0oo; E. N. Korrer, 
    pres.; E. H. Korrer, v-pres.; L. G. Korrer, sec.-treas.; 66 S. 
Moore & Galloway Lumber Co. (Limited)-Incorp. 1884; capi- 
    tal $230,ooo; H. W. Moore, pres.; E. M. Moore, v-pres.; G. 
    N. Mihills, sec.; F. M. Moore, treas.; W. McWilliams cor. 

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