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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: miscellaneous information,   pp. [15]-[44]

Page 24

ry Association-Incorp. 1889 by the members 
k's, St. Joseph's and St. Mary's churches; Rev. 
pres.; E. Kremer, treas.; W. F. Weber, sec.; 
,er, supt.; Cemetery, Empire rd. s. e. city limits. 
otor Co.-Incorp. 19o9; capital $3oooo; E. W. 
; John Immel, sec.; C. J. Hinn, treas.; 40-42 
or Co. The-Incorp 1912; capital $30,000; L. C. 
*es.; W. W. Schmidt, v-pres.-mngr.; L. J. 
c.-treas.; i8o Ruggles. 
Co.-Incorp. 191o; capital $20,000; Robert 
Alfred R. Zinke, sec.-treas.; Harry L. Zinke, 
  N. Main. 
per Supply Co.-Incorp i1oo; capital $50,000;. 
aan, pres.; F. Dallman, v-pres.; E. F. Cooper, 
    treas.; R. Koehne, sec.; 18-30 3d. 
Damrow Bros. Co.-Incorp. 19o7; capital $25,oo0; Hermine L. 
    Damrow, pres.; Edward C. Damrow, sec.-treas.; 39 3d. 
Dana & Worm Drug Co.-Incorp. 19o6; capital $I2,000; James 
    T. Dana, pres.; George J. Worm, sec.-treas.; 114 S. Main. 
Estabrook Cemetery Association-WWm. Glasow, pres.; Charles 
    Froehling, treas.; Otto Grunwald, sec.; 18 W. Ist. 
Farm Implement Co.-Incorp. i1o9; capital $ioooo; J. B. Wat- 
    son, pres.; G. H. Heilman, v-pres.; Guy P. Heathcote, sec.- 
    treas.; 31 W. 2d. 
Fitzsimons M. &    Sons Co.-Incorp   19o9; capital $15,000; 
    Maurice Fitzsimons, pres.-sec.; Thomas Fitzsimons, v-pres.; 
    94 S. Main. 
First National Accident Co.-Incorp.; E. H. Lyons. pres.; A. C. 
    Fox,. sec.-treas.; John L. Fox, gen mngr.; 15 4th. 
Fond du Lac Church Furniture Co.-Incorp. 19o6; capital 
    $i5o,ooo; Wm. Mauthe. pres.; H. A. Uihlein, v-pres.; H. R. 
    Potter, sec.-treas.; Oak pl. 
Fond du Lac County Abstract Co.-Incorp. 19O1; capital 
    $i8,ooo; Leo. A. Williams, v-pres.; Mrs. Laura B. Williams, 
    v-pres.; Fred A. Foster, sec.; 55 S. Main. 
Fond du Lac Improvement Co.-Incorp. 1899; capital $IO,OOO; 
    P. B. Haber, pres.; S. D. Wyatt, sec.-treas.; 63 S. Main. 
Fond du Lac Land Co.-Incorp. 1899; P. B. Haber, v-pres.; 
    S. D. Wyatt, see.; M. T. Simmons, treas.; 63 S. Main. 
Fond du Lac Lumber Co.-Incorp. 1891; capital $12,000; F. M. 
    Moore, pres.; C. H. Anderson, v-pres.-treas.-mngr.; E. M. 
    Moore, sec.; 154 S. Macy.                    0 
Fond du Lac M~alting Co.-Incorp. 1913; capital $8o,ooo; F. J. 
    Rueping, pres.; L. A. Erhart, v-pres.; L. E. McKinnon, 
    sec.-treas.; n. end Macy. 
Fond du Lac Marble & Granite Co. The-Incorp. 19o6; capital 
    $2S,ooo; C. H. Tolzman, pres.; M. A. Heisler, v-pres.; C. 
    M. Heisler, sec.-treas.; 258 S. Main. 

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