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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture. A report of the twelfth annual closing Farmers' Institute held at Janesville, March 8, 9, and 10, 1898
Bulletin No. 12 (1898)

Hill, Chas. L.
Breeding and developing a dairy herd,   pp. 142-148 PDF (1.8 MB)

Page 144

daily weighing will more than pay in
keeping track of milkers and of the in-
dividuality of each cow. It will pay if
you have many cows to have one of
the scales made for this purpose, so
that it reads zero with the pail on, and
shows the net weight of the milk. A
twenty-five cent spring balance will
answer, however.
The middle of each month take a
composite sample of each cow's milk
never expect to do it again, but I think
if a lot of your animals freshen at one
season, it will pay to milk three times
a day.
Mr. Arnold-Judging from your ex-
perience in breeding, what proportion
of the improvements in dairy quali-
ties do you consider is due to the feed-
ing, what proportion to training, and
what to breeding?
Mr. Iill- There is just enough truth
GUERNSEY     V0V-O NIBIAS    II:STA .70;, .; I.JtS. 1:1"1''1L'.  fN
t MOS.: 25
for from four to eight milkings, and
test it with the Babcock test; then at
the year's close you will be able to tell
just what each cow has done, and
weed out your cows intelligently.
Finally, brethren, love your business;
study every detail of it, and be satis-
fied with nothing short of success.
Question-Do you milk three times
a daly?
Mr. Hill-No, I never have, with one
exception when I made a test, and I
in the old saying that we hear from
some farmers, that the corn crib is
good enough for them, to make it hard
to answer such a question.   First-
rate stock can be ruined any time by
feeding or improper handling, while.
on the other hand, cattle can be bred
up to be real good dairy animals
from what are inferior ones, by the
right kind of feeding.  The training
goes right along with the feeding, and
I should say that half of It was due to
breeding and half to the feeding. Any
breed of animals cannot probably be

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