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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Craig, J. A.
The horse and its market,   pp. 154-168 PDF (4.5 MB)

Page 168

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A Lady-Would you consider it a late that largely; the frog is the
defect in a horse to rest one front same it grow. and peels off. It is
foot when standing?                not necessary for the blacksmith to
Prof. Craig-Usually we consider cut off the heel of the frog, nor to
that an indication;-for instance, if a cut down the frog and the sole, ex-
horse stands with his front foot out cept to just take off the loose parti-
he is generally sore somewhere below cles and get a better fit to the shoe.
the shoulder, if he stands with the Supt. McKerrow-How will you
foot rested back, resting on the toe, it remedy that effect in the frog if
is generally some sprain of the shoul- has been spoiled by the blacksmi4h
der or something like that; it. is an cutting it down?
Indication  generally  of  soreness  Prof. Craig-I do not know of any-
about the shoulder.                thing that will stimulate the growth
The Chairman-Isn't it    always of the frog. Perhaps the best plan
considered an objection in buying a would be to take off the shoes for
horse?                             a while.
Prof. Craig-I think it is, but the  A Member-Will thoroughpin    do
way a horse stands is largely a mat- much damage to a horse?
ter of handling in the breaking.    Prof. Craig-At first it will make
Question-You would not consider ,'im lame. It spoils the market value
a horse sound that would set his foot completely; it is unsoundness. That
forward, would you?                is on the hind legs always, never
Prof. Craig-I would not consider the front legs, but we get something
that an unsoundness. He is likely very nearly the same thing, kind of
to have some unsoundness, but I wind bags. A     horse that has beeh
have known horses    to  do   that ridden hard and allowed to stand in
that were   perfectly  sound. That a hard stable, the oil will accumu-
may be a blemish, but I would not late and it is very much like thor-
consider it an unsoundness.        oughpin in the front leg.
Mr. Convey-Wouldn't it produce     A Member-If a horse is hurt in
shrinkage of the muscle where he the pastern joint, will it ever get
followed that habit very much?     over it?
Prof. Craig-He is resting that foot  Prof. Craig-I hardly think so; it
for some cause. It is not the natu- will probably throw out what we call
ral way for him to  stand. It de- a high ringbone. They   are not as
pends a good deal on what the dangerous as a lower ringbone.
cause is. If it is in his shoulder, 1 j Question-What is the cause of
think it will shrink up the shoulder. splint?
Supt. McKerrow-How much trim       Prof. Craig-The same trouble. If
ought to be allowed on a frog?     inflammation  spreads in any point
Prof. Craig-The only part of a there is a thin skin starts on the top
horse's foot that grows unnaturally of the bone and a bony deposit is
is the horn. The horn will grow too thrown out and gathers there.
long if it is not cut back, I mean the  Question-A  young  horse  that
outer edge of the foot. Inside the skips, is it ever saved?
foot is the sole between the outer   Prof. Craig-I don't think he is of
horn and the frog, and that part will any use unless it was a mare that
naturally peel off, nature will regu- you wanted to breed from.

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