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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Craig, J. A.
The horse and its market,   pp. 154-168 PDF (4.5 MB)

Page 156

Coach or Carriage Horse.               Trotter or Roadster.
The distinguishing features of the  The chief characteristics of the
coach or carriage horse, are its sym- roadster are speed and stamina. The
metry and action. The heightshould ability to trot fast is a leading char-
be about 16 hands to make a good ap- acteristic of the roadster, and the
pearance. In contrast with the road- ity to maintain a rapid gait is clearly
ster, the carriage horse is very smooth essential in a horse of this kind.
and  symmetrical. The   smoothness addition to being able to stand steady
should be due to plumpness of the road work, such a horse should sell
muscles over all parts. in the car- wvell on the market, and must be well
riage type, the head should be com- mannered, so as to be safe and pleas-
paratively small and lean; the ear urable to drive.
neat, the neck long and carried grace-  The typical roadster may be said
fully; the body round and plump, and be about 15 1-2 hands high and about
the limbs clean cut, with well formed 1,000 pounds in weight; the formation
and durable feet. Graceful carriage is, narrow in front, deep chested, wide
and stylish action are leading qualifi- at the loin, and very muscular in
cations.                            quarters. Every feature  about the
Style, when  in  any posture, is a horse appears clear cut, giving a hard
very desirable attribute in the car- finish which indicates durability. The
riage  horse.  A   critical examina- lineaments of the face and the out-
tion  of this type would indicate lines of the neck, and especially the
how   far  the   position  of  style distinctness with  which the tendons
depends   on   the   adjustment  of stand away from the leg    are very
the   parts  of  the  frame   work, characteristic features.
When a carriage or coach horse pos-   The type lacks the fullness and sym-
sesses characteristic style there seems metry that are characteristic in
to be an appropriate blending of all carriage or coach horse. To do effec-
proportions of form. In   analyzing tive and hard work on the road is the
this it will be found that most of the sphere of the roadster, and a type
lines have a smaller direction in addi- has been evolved is an illustration
tion to the fullness of outlines al- the evolution of a form for a specific
ready discussed. The line running purpose. The type of the best cam-
from the poll to the nose seems to be paigners that have marks of 2:10 or
parallel to that of the shoulder. Then better will show a similarity that
the line running through the center dicates the typt towards which the
of the pastern also has a similar di- trotter is tending, though it should
rection, while the line of the thigh in be noted here that the roadster in
the hind quarter corresponds with the show form will display quite different
slope of the hind pastern. Consider- outlines after being subjected to the
ing the lines that run different from, hard training the campaigner re-
these, it will be noticed that the one ceives.
made by the arm from the point of              Saddle Horse.
the shoulder to the elbow is very simi-
lar in direction to that made by the  The type of the saddle horse that is
ischium of the pelvis, and this again 'desirable on the market is somewhat
is similar to that of the lower thigh. similar to that of the light carriage
Each part seems to bear a fixed rela- I horse, but the typical saddle horse
tion to every other part, both in size, will show more quality  and better
length and slope, giving the horse that manuners than any other class of
symmetry which contributes so much horses. Aside from these features,
to his style and beauty while standing the chief qualifications of the saddle
or in action.                       | horse is the ability to show the follow-

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