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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Taylor, F. W.
Russia,   pp. 150-153 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 153

tRUBIA.                                     :
impressed all the way through with distract the people' attention. They
what appeared to be honesty of pur- divide the people into clam. more
pose, and the reaching after higher than was true before" Tolstoy
things for the Russian people; I found lieves, you know, that every man,
it most extremely interesting.   well as every woman should do as
much as possible of the personal aer-
Dome Ideas of Tolstoy.      vice which is required for himself.
When I went in I had said to my- He think that people should wear
self that I would ask Tolstoy a lot of clothes simple enough in form so
questions, and l had a list all ready that every man could make his own,
in my mind. When I went in he ad, and he thinks  that  every  man
"How do you do? What is your pro- ought  to go out and    at least
fession. 1 told him what I did. Then wash the potatoes that he is going
he asked how we did this work over to eat, even if he does not ee that the
here and I proceeded to tell him; water does not burn while they are
while I was catching my breath to cooking. He has a great many no-
ask him something, he had another tions of that kind. I was more and
question ready, and in the course of more impressed with the depth as
about fifteen minutes I began to ee well as the honesty of purpose in his
that my only earthly hope of getting heart, and with the fact that he ap-
anything from him was to follow up preciates, as few Russians do, their
my answers with a question, and in condition. He appreciates the  ad-
that way we evened up the conversa- vances they have made, and the diffi-
tion. He asked me a good many culties under which they labor. In
questions about out farmers, and as many ways he is a wonderful ma,
you can believe I told  him that and made a very deep impression
America was a great place. He aid, upon me.
"What do you think about railroads?"  I  never tired of
"Oh," I said, "they have been an in- Russian 
people, ' and
 I  found
finite blessing to our country, because very much to interest me and
they have opened up sections that to  overcome  the impressions re-
would have been inaccessible other- ceived in reading stories and maga-
wise. For instance, the territory in zine articles. I think you will find,
which I live would perhaps be occu- as I have, that it will pay you to
pied by Indians if it had not been for study about this country, which in
them." "Oh," he said, "you look at remarkable
one, and
one of the
it that way. I don't. I think they present and cominf nations of the
have been a curse to Russia. They world.
ILag- --- - - -

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