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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Taylor, F. W.
Russia,   pp. 150-153 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 151

F- . -,
dchription, .nd stating that your are miles from there to MoScow, and then
a citizen of the United State. All to you are in another country, and you
Whom Thee Presents Come," are re-know it, Things are more oriental;
quested to grant free entry to the you see women in all kinds of bright
bearer, and to extend any proper aid colors, and many things entirely dif-
This is not necessary in most of the ferent from anything that you have
countries of Europe, but it is required ever seen before The Byzantine style
in Russia and it must be properly of architecture prevails, and you ee
,is~ed beside. You must go to the dozens of magnificent churches. The
Russian Consul at Washington or at Russians have a way of saying that in
Berlin and have them put something Moscow  there are forty times forty
on the back for which you pay two churches, but though there are really
dollars and twenty-five cents. These not so many there are really a vat
are the words: "The bearer, Mr. So- number of them.
and-So, has been recommended to me
as a person proper to travel in Bus-      The Capital City.
sia."                         Z     Mso      sprap   h    otitr
Thus fortified, you start out. After oscow is perhaps the most inters
having crossed Germany yoU come to eating single city in Russia, although
the place of entry, and alight in a there are other places which are older,
large room; a sentry or a gen d'arme, but taking the great Kremlin, with
stands there and says, gPassport"it contains, and the old palaces
and you hand him your passport. He towers, there are more things of in-
looks over it to see that your vis6 is terest than in any one city in the
all right, and it is handed back with great empire. The word "Kremlin"
a few words in Russian to which you means, in its strictest ense,  fort
say "Yes." Your baggage is then es- rems, but it is really
a part
of the city
minied, and that is all there is to get- enclosed within walls which were
ting into Russia.                 fortified in order that there might be
UPetersburussia .    protection against the Tartars, who
at. Petbrg              were continually coming in upon Bua
I will papa over the experiences of sia from the east. There are several
the first few days, because at St. Pe- Kremlins, one in Moscow, one in KReif,
tesburg     begins the real traveling in one in Nijni Novgorod, and various
Russia. This is a modern city, only others. The old Kremlin in Moscow
about 250 years old, founded by Peter consins about forty acres and within
tae Great.  I drove to the hoteL I' its walls are a number of churches
didn't know how much to pay the and palaces, some of the churche a
driver, but walked into the hotel and thousand years old; here is the
id, "Is there anybody here that church where the Tsar goes to be
saipks English?"  The porter an- crowned. You remember the great
swered that he did, and I told him to coronation scene last June where
pay the man ind charge it on my bill. three thousand people were trampled
He paid about a quarter what I to death.    Within this Kremlin also
would have been asked. I could tell stand other churches and a great
you much more about St. Petersburg, tower, the Ivan tower, which is about
but we must not linger there because two hundred feet high Another ol-
it is not a characteristic Russian city,. ject of great interest is an immense
although it is a wonderful city in the cannon which has a diameter of al-
mount of magnifcent building tha most three feet. There are hundreds
has been done there in the last hun- Of guns there which were gathered up
dred year  It is four or five hundred after Napoleon had srted on hi r et
WYNWFF--:7- r-Mb7W)
11L               -     . -

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