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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Morgan, Carrie E.
Our public schools,   pp. 145-150 PDF (1.7 MB)

Page 149

OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS.                        14
than thirty instead of more. Teach- ment which ar taking the attention
er who have been fortunate enough of pupils from their work. Just at
to have a small school will verify the age when our boys and girls
these  statements   I know    that should  be giving the best of attention
teachers  of  a  few  years  back to school work, we  find them devotees
will say that they did splendid to society. Many spend more time
work with seventy, and no doubt talking about the latest ball and other
they did, but how much bet- amusements than they do studying
tsr work they might have done with their history and geometry, and sure-
fryort                            ly parents are to blame for this.  A
With seventy pupils in a room no little wholesome amusement is a ne-
teacher can have much time for indi- cesSity for students, but when it be-
vidual work, which is acknowledged  ces     a business instead of a recrea-
to be the ideal method. A great cry  tion it is going a step too far. Pa'-
is often raised at the time of erecting ents who have allowed their children
a building that it is too large and a to become absorbed in amusements
useless expense, but people find to must blame themselves if the children
their chagrin in a few years that the are a failure in schooL It is impos-
building  is over-full and a new one sible for the teacher to counteract
must be built. It is a wise and most home  influence  in  this  respect.
economical thing to build for the fu-Eighteen years used to be considered
tureobthe proper age for young people to
enter society, now it is fourteen or
Value of School Libraries and Aces- even younger. If we are advancing in
soriem,              many ideas, we are surely going back-
I wish to say just a few words in re- ward in this, and never until a reform
gard to school libraries and appara- is instituted can we expect the best
tus.  We cannot expect teachers of work from our high schools and col-
science to do effective work without leges.
apparatus, nor can we expect pupils
to get a fair knowledge of history and    "Union is Strength."
literature without books to read. Of
course these things cost money, but  The home life and the school life
it is money well invested. They serve are inseparable. The influence of the
not only to instruct but to amuse our one must act upon the other, but the
young people.  If more money were home influence is the stronger and has
put into libraries and reading-rooms the greater effect in moulding charac-
and less into doubtful, if not harmful, ter. For the best of results it in
amusements, it would be better for solutely necessary that the parent and
the moral tone of a community. Our teacher should work hand in hand
young people must have amusement,    There are two ways in which this
and if they cannot find it in books or can be done. First, by forming co-
pleasing occupation they will find it operative associations which all par-
elsewhere  Educate the child to en- ents and teachers in one ward should
joy proper amusements and he will be urged to join. These local meet-
care less for doubtful amusements ings could occasionally give place to
when he grows up.                  a general meeting. Although no reg-
The home and the school are both ular organization exists in our cit'-
places for this education, but neither such meetings have occasionally been
cam do it without the proper attrac- held and I believe they are productive
tions. One of the greatest difficulties of much good.
with which our teachers have to con-  In the second place parents should
tend is the number of outside amuse- visit schools, not in a critical spirit,
Flk-   .-,~ 1-i-,   I  .I

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