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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Stahl, John M.
Rural mail delivery,   pp. 142-144 PDF (773.8 KB)

Page 143

in opposition to these genteMe  be- localIties  That bill will come up at
canse every member of congress knew the next session, and I hope  every
that what they mid was true.       person who lives on a farm will wte
As a resident d the city d Chicago to his senator in favor of the bill. It
mAl is brought to my residence, which is supported  by every agricultural
is more than five miles from the post- paper in the country. Bills have been
ofnce, three times every day, but as a passed approprlating  mary  million
farmer of central Illinois, mail is not dollars for the Inland transportation
delivered to me once a year; when I mail by railroads, and that appropria-
aint mail I must go four miles and a tion was increased practically ten per
half to get It.                    cent. at the last session. Mr. Wana-
maker declared that carrying the malls
What Congress Has Done for Us. costs this country three or four times
what the service was actually worth,
lRven when congress has endeavored and he was postmaster-genaral and
to improve the mail service to country ought to know. In  a debate in the
people the postoffice department has senate on the 2nd of this month Sena-
taken the money and used it in the tor Butler showed that we were paying
city, so that notwithstanding the ef- a little more now  to carry A ton of
forts of our friends in congress, who mail than we paid for the same service
secured an inerease of $500,000 in the twenty years ago, while In that time
appropriation for country service, there charges on freight have been reduced
was actually  expended $170,000 less more than forty per cent. Yet twenty
than was expended the year befor   years ago we paid more than anybody
During the past four years the post- else, so that according to the Senator
office department has been hostile to we pay now about twice as much as
any improvement in the country mail private parties pay for carrying simi-
service, and so they have maintained lar freight.
that in order to deliver mail in every
town and village, and on every farm   Big   loney for Postal Service.
in the country it would make a net
cost of somewhere between eight and.  To show again how nicely the rail-
twelve mrillion dollars. I have demon- roads get money out of Congress I
strated to my own satisfaction that it mention another thing. According to
would not increase the net cost of the the bill enacted the 2nd of this month,
postofice department a cent. For five we shall pay for the year begnng
years free delivery in villages was July 1st $3,600,000 a year for the use
tested and it was found that it not onlyo cer  tain railroad cars in which
paid for itself but made net profit, carry mail. Now it has been repeat-
and the hostile poutoffice department edly shown  in congress that thor
hba had to acknowledge that. It made cars can be built and equipped for
a profit of 161P per cent. in the town $1,800,000, just one-half of what
where longest tested, and that is bet- pay every year for their use, and
it has
ter than any other business that I been shown that on an average they
know of. The Loud bill to correct last twenty years, so that at the pres-
abuses In the application of the second ent rate we are paying $72,000,000
class rate of postage, which  passed what costs the railroads less than
the House In the last session of Con- $2,000,000, and If I had time I could
gres., but which was killed in the show you even a more shameful mis-
Senate, would have made a saving of appropriation Of funds by the poet-
about eleven million dollars a year. offtce appropriation bill. Senator VWlas
and that would have paid the expense has tried for years to get the compen-
of delivering mail to every person in sation to railroads reduced, or to
thw coutry except a few in Wola*d the government build lt awn O cRm  I
NFL- -   -, 

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