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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Hays, John W.
Baby beef and silage,   pp. 135-141 PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 141

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portion of the silage, and letting the think. Now: in the experiment made
redt remain until later onl. It is a the Experiment Station at Minneapolis
good deal better to feed from the top; they fed nine  steers, three they
there will be much less waste and ten pounds of meal a day; three others
more satisfactiOn.                 twelve pounds, and three others four-
Mr. Hays-That depends on the sie teen, and those that got the ten
of the silo. If you have a big silo you pounds did as well as those getting
cannot do that way. Would prefer two the fourteen, showing that we waste
small silos, rather than one large one. feed.
Mr. Thorp-In regard to keeping en-  The Chairman-Were   not   these
uilage for two years, I will say that a steers selected on account of their
silo on Mr. A. F. Noyes' farm, filled in dividuality? Isn't it true that
18995, i being fed out this winter, and certain steer with ten pounds will
they inform me that the silsge is just as well as another with fourteen,
as good as ary they ever bad.      won't dairy cattle do the same?
Mr. Arnold-How many pcunds of      Mr. Arnold-They were all of one
ensilage is the proper amount to feed? breed.
Mr. Hays-I think that no animal    The Chairman-It Is the Individual-
ought to eat over forty pounds a day, Ity; I don't care for the breed.
if they have a little dry feed besides.  Question-Don't It appear from that
Mr. Arnold-Suppose you give a steer experiment that when those  steers
thirty pounds of ensilage, wlrat else were getting fourteen pounds, four
would you feed with that ensilage for pounds were being wasted?
the best results?                   Mr. Arnold-It won't hurt a steer.
Mr. Hays-I would feed corn meal    A Member-But it will hurt hogs.
and bran and ollmeol. Of course     The Chairman-This Is one of the
there is a good deal of corn in the en- experiments that does not prove any-
silage. We always grind our meal.  thing.
Question-Would y3u feed a steer    Mr. Arnold-It has been proved that
of two years the same as a one year ten pounds of ireal will mrke as many
Mr. Hays-I  would  feed  him  all he  pound s ofwelighteon ona year-andarhalf
would eat, if I wanted to fatten him. steern on a four-year-Old
Mr. Thorp-We have lots of farmers teer.
giving steers all the straw they wi  The Institute  adjourned till 7:30
eat, and they don't grow well, theyP. M.
I .
P""            _ I - 1.11q  IV Ir - .  , C -  ,,

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