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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Powers, A. C.
Country roads,   pp. 115-121 PDF (2.0 MB)

Page 120

have heavier horse power. You can the people who do not care to work out
use six horse power for ordinary lime- the tax to pay for our machinery,
stone.                             cash purchases. Of course we have to
Mr. Reed-In the city of Grand buy machinery and keep it in repair.
Rapids they have been buying rock all We purchased  all our machinery,
winter from the farmers to the west crusher and all, with the tax.
of us, bringing in these hard heads,  Mr Bradley-Wouldn't you recom-
nnd granite boulders and they have mend in putting in a stone road that
been paying the magnificent price of it be feather-edged?
$2 a cord, delivered. The  farmers  Mr. Powers-My experience is to
have brought it from  ten to twelve keep the embankment down as near
miles. They haven't got rich out of the surface as you can. If you raise
it, but the village thinks it will get that in the center, with your crushed
some good roads.                  rock, it is always raised enough. If I
Mr. Scott-The village of Rio has a had an embankment too high I would
contract with the farmers and they prefer to cut it out. We feather-edge
are bringing in stone, grading it about altogether; we have never cut away,
eight by eleven, at $1.96 a cord.  excepting through the hills.
Mr. Everett-Mr. Powers, what is    Mr. Bradley-There are many places    U
the amount of the road tax in the town in the state where it will have to
of Beloit?                         cut out. Mr. A. P. Weld, of River    
Mr. Powers-We have raised three Falls, says it doesn't do in clay land,
mills on the dollar until we don't know or in light soil, to put it down
how  to raise  anything   else.  It but it might do in sandy places.
amounts to about $1,900 with the poll  Mr. Powers-I should think as a gen-
taxes.                             eral proposition it would be a useless
Mr. Everett-Is it not a fact that expense to cut away that road, unless
prior to three years ago that that out- your embankment was too' high. I
lay of money in the town of Beloit had will say we have very little clay
in our  1
not improved your roads one iota?  town, and no red clay at all.
Mr. Powers-The fact is you cannot  Question-Would not under-draining
draw as large a load as you could fifty be necessary in red clay?
years ago, before the upper soil broke  Mr. Powers-Undoubtedly there is
through. A man twelve miles west of land that would have to be drained, 
Beloit told me he could not draw  as but I don't think we have a mile or
big a load into town as he could fifty road in our township that would ever
years ago.                         need any draining at all.
Mr. Everett-I wanted to empha-     Mr. Watson-Do you use the same
snze that point. They have very muc' grade of crushed rock right straight
improved their roads.  Both towns through'
have a similar cash system; they have  Mr. Powers-It would be better to
a rock crusher and scrapers and we make it about two grades for country
employ the same methods that have roads. We have used the same grade,
been described. We used to work out but I think it would be better to put
$1,800 a year in our town, and prior to your coarser rock in the bottom and
three years ago our roads were no bet- then finish off with your finer rock.
ter than  they were forty years ago,  Supt. McKerrow-Where you are
but they are being very much im- feather-edging the road you have got
proved. The farmers have the privi- to have something finer to keep your
lege of working out or paying the stone from rolling out.
money. Most of them work out their  Mr. Scott-On our stone roads that
tax, but others, like myself, prefer to we have used three years, I don't
see  1
pay cash.                          anything the matter with them; they
Mr. Powers-We get enough out of put it on, irst, five and a half inches
. -TIV                 .11101111111111111! 1.  I I i I       I

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