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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Powers, A. C.
Country roads,   pp. 115-121 PDF (2.0 MB)

Page 115

A. C. POWER, Bdoit, Wis.
A. C. PowruRS
Mr. Chairman:-Among    the fore-
most subjects claiming the attention
of  the    people   at  this  time
and   one  that   merits thoughtful
consideration at the hands of every
tax payer is that of good roads which
stands paramount Notwithstanding
the fact that for the past fifteen years
there has scarcely been a gathering
whether called to discuss theology or
law, the rights of women or the wrongs
of men, that have not passed resolu-
tions setting forth the deplorable con-
ditions of our country roads, and ask-
ing that something be done for their
betterment Wisconsin took no steps
towards changig her laws in favor of
road improvement until the sesion of
1M when the Apple bill became a law
Lthough it has its weak points, it's a
ng stride in the right direction and
* trust it's a stepping stone for other
ad better laws.
aod Effects of the New Road Law.
In the southern portion of the state
mite a percentage of the towns are
rorking under the new law and the
Improved condition of the highways in
Lese towns is very marked, as they
have accomplished more in three years
inca its passage than has been done
a any twenty years under the old slip
,hod system, thus proving that a
noneyed tax is one of the first requi-
ates towards good roads; but in a
arge portion of the state, however,
,bey are practically under the old law,
with old results. What is needed is a
change that will produce a permanency
of good qualities in the highway, and
mot something which at best shall only
be a temporary makeshift, as make-
shift was the basic principle of our
early, and in fact, I might say, our
only road law, the one under which
we have been working, or perhaps a
better term now would be, not work-
ing, for nearly sixty years with the re-
sult that in many places the highways
are not as good as when civilized man
wrested them from the followers of
Black Hawk. They stand out in bold
relief a monument, as it were, to our
folly, a stretch of sand or an uninvit-
ing hog wallow, a terror and an insult
to the teamster and the traveling pub-
Mc, which chief utility would seem to
be to divide the broad acres of "A"
from the broader ones of "B" and not
for a public thoroughfare.
Good Roads Improve BusineS.
It it a self evident fact that in a sec-
tion poeseing good roads, there is a
greater business activity than In oRe
EL . .. - I.

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