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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Jenkins, F. W.
Breeds of poultry for special purposes,   pp. 108-114 PDF (2.0 MB)

Page 114

114             WISCONSIN FAR   8M   ' INSTITUTE.
chickens break the shell before they them weighing twenty-eight and thirty
are ready to come out?            pounds, and they are clean and nice to
Mr Lehmann-Too much moisture. dress and they sell well.
I do not know what Is the trouble, but  Mr. Arnold-Is not the size objec-
in some way there is too much mois- tionable?
ture.                               M. Lehmann-Not at all; I never
Question-Where is the Monarch in- found any objection at all. I never
cubator made?                     sell mine for market so large-only
Mrs. Lehmann-Southeastern Massa- those left over in the spring. I had a
chusetts.                         few left over in the spring and I sold
Mr. Arnold-Is there any machine them last year at fifteen cents a pound
invented for testing eggs?         and there was no complaint made of
Mrs. Lehmann-You can tell an egg their size.
every time after it has been in three  Mr. Arnold-The market demands
days, whether it is all right, if you about twelve pounds.
hold it to the light.               Question-Can you raise ducks suc-
Mr. Arnold-I mean when we go to cesesfully without ponds?
the store to buy them.              Mrs. Lehmann-Yes, very success.
Mrs. Lehmann-I don't know unless fully; my hen house is on a side hill
you do as a party in Minnesota did, and my well is on top of the hill, and
break them.                        I have pipes carrying water to barrels.
The Chairman-I know   Mrs. Leh- You must have something that the
mann is quite successful with ducks, ducks can get into and not drown. I
and I would like to know how she turn the faucet enough to let it drip
handles them, and what she thinks of and let the ducks get water that way.
them as far as profit is concerned.  For the old ducks I have a kerosene
Mrs. Lehmann-I have the Pekin barrel, cut off about a foot and set
ducks and they are one of the best into the ground. I think this year I
layers, but they seldom set success- shall try to have a hols dug and ce-
fttlly, Eo you have to set them under mented for them because we have
hens, or in an incubator. In feeding plenty of water, and keep the water
ducks do not feed raw corn meal; that running into it; have it not over two
is where so many people make a fail- feet deep and slant it out, so that
ure with ducks; it is sure death to edges are easy to get out of onto the
them, every single time; about the land. Ducks will drown as quickly as
third day they will turn over and die, a chicken. I let the water drip and
and some will say It is one thing and keep it full all the time; let the
same another, but it is nothing in the gn in whenever they want to. Do not
world but the raw corn meal. They let little ducks have too much water
will grow  on skim milk like little as ttey are apt to g6 in and play too
pigs; mix middlings in the skim milk, long and get chilled. When they be-
that does not get sticky, and they will gin to feather out they can have
all the
eat it up all right I feed a great deal water they want, but before a duck
of cheese curd; we have lots of skim goose is feathered out, it must not
milk and I feed a great deal of it with wet. I keep the water dripping into
cheese curds to both chickens and this trough and it stands there for the
eucks, and I feed a great deal of It old hens: We  sometimes have to
sweet, because we run it through the sweep it out with an old broom, but
separator and we have it sweet and it is kept running fresh all the time
warm, right from the separator.   it Is not apt to get so dirty.  You
Question-What particular turkeys must not forget that you must have
do you have?                       grass for your chickens; for ducks It
Mrs. Lehinann-Mammoth Bronze; doesn't make any difference.
they grow to be very large, some of

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