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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Jenkins, F. W.
Breeds of poultry for special purposes,   pp. 108-114 PDF (2.0 MB)

Page 113

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111         -
quire treatment different from that of Simplex is the cheapest machine, it
other fowls. I find that they should  properly handled it works all right,
be yarded pretty close, so as to keep but it is not every one who can handle
out of the rain and dew, and to keep it. It is almost as much trouble as
them ftom exercising too much. Exer- some hens are.
cise is a good thing for a chicken, but  Question-What is your idea of the
a poor thing for ducks. A duck is an Excelsior machine?
enormous eater and requires more    Mr. Jenkins-We have one of them
bulky food.                        and we don't like it at all.
Supt. McKerrow-HOw    about the    Mrs. Lehmann-It is not good for
turkey?                           anything.
Mr. Jenkins-Well, I think the lesE  Mr. Jenkins-The trouble is it does
you have to do with the turkey the bet- not hatch as well as the other kind,
ter you are off.                  and it does not regulate itself.
Mr. Hayes-You only mean    when    Question-How many chicks will you
they are shut up, you cannot keep then raise from one hundred and sixty eggs?
in pens. Can't you raise them on the  Mr. Jenkins-I have run from thirty
farm as easy as any fowl you raise?  to one hundred anfd fIfty, but I do
The Chairman-Mr. Hayes wishes to think that is due to the machine.
know if you can't raise them on your  Supt. McKerrow-About what is the
neighbors?                         average price for an incubator?
Mr. Hayes-They will clear your     Mr. Jenkins-From 150 to 200 egg
farm of grasshoppers.              capacity will range from $30 to $50.
Supt. McKerrow-What     do  you    Question-What is the price of the
mean, that you would not raise tur- Monarch machine?
Mrs Lehmsinn-The Monarch is a
keys at all?
Mr. Jenkins-No, I mean that if you high priced machine, but it is a good
are raising turkeys you want to let one. It is on this principle: it is a
them alone,                       hot water machine, and very good at
A Lady-Isn't it a fact that the most regulating, and you need not look at
profit you make out of turkeys is that it once in twelve hours; you can go
they feed off your neighbors? bed and sleep every night, and you
Mr. Jenkins-Yes, if the neighbor cannot do that with the Excelsior nor
don't feed off the turkey.        with a good many others.
Mr. Huffman-Don't you think eggs   Question-DOes it have the top and
ought to be sold by the pound?     bottom heat?
Mr. Jenkins-You can adapt your-    Mrs. Lehmann-It has just the top
self to the market. If they are sold heat and hot water at that, so that
by the dozen, keep a hen that will lay the light goes out, or anything, it
is so
fancy small eggs.                  arranged that it will stand the changes
Mr. Huffman-Where do you keep in the atmosphere, which the cheaper
your incubator?                    machines will not do.
Mr. Jenkinsc We have always kept   Question-Do you keep them In a dry
it in the house. One hundred and cellar?
sixty Pggs capacity. Simplex.       Mrs. Lehmann-Yes, a cellar is 1
Question-Would  you advise any splendid place to hatch them if it is
larger?                            not too damp, because the temperature
Mr. Jenkins-Why, I do not see any don't change there, as a rule. Mine
reason why two hundred cannot be is in the basement; I have a basement
run as easily as one hundred and sixty. to the hen house and I keep my vege-
A Lady-What does an incubator tables, cabbages, and such things in
cost?                              there, and part of it is partitioned off.
Mr. Jenkins-The various makes for the incubator room.
have their own prices. While the     Question-What is the trouble when
B6.L,.                         -

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