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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Lehmann, A. W.
Poultry keeping on the farm,   pp. 102-108 PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 107

woolen cloth, nailing on tight and 01-
low on the side; it makes curtains and
that is all the top cover I have. You
go in there at night and you will see
their heads sticking out all around.
Bottom and top heat are good, but the
top heat alone is good for nothing.
They must have a certain tempera-
ture; it must be warm enough so that
they cannot get chilled at all. With
my arrangement the floor never gets
cold-two fires a day will keep it
plenty warm all the time.
A Lady-What do you do for scaley
Mrs. Lehmann-Dip their legs right
into kerosene; that is about as good
as anything you can use.
nice to use for poultry. The water
arrangements must be so made that
the chickens can never get into them.
It is a good thing to give them a little
tincture of iron once in a while; it
keeps the chickens free from disease.
Question-How do you fatten geese?
Mrs. Lehmann-You have got to
stuff them; make food into little balls
and stuff it down them, corn meal and
other things that will make them very
The Chairman-Where do country
people get cyster shells?
Mrs. Lehmann-I used to have to
send to Pennsylvania. You can get
them now at Milwaukee and Water-
town. They are not very expensive;
Mr. Hardy-I was going to have a I think they sell a hundred pounds at
grout wall in my side hill hen house. Watertown for a dollar or a dollar
Mrs. Lehmann-If you did that I a quarter, and a hundred pounds goes
would advise lathing and plastering a long ways.
inside the stone wall to make an air  Question-Would not lime answer
space, then it will probably be dry; the same purpose?
otherwise, it will not, because stone  Mrs. Lehmann-No, sir; for some
gathers moisture; it settles on there.  Mrs.   not.
Question-Do you run your chickens reason it will not.
and goslings together?              A  Member-You can buy oyster
Mrs. Lehmann-Yes, when they are shells at Watertown, put on the cars
little. There is a water keg; we get for ninety cents.
them at Watertown and they are very  Mrs. Lehwann-I paid a dollar it

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