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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Taylor, F. W.
Apple growing,   pp. 43-52 PDF (2.8 MB)

Page 45

APPLE GROWING.                          46
dicate that the same thing will stand of tree or fruits, or corn, or grain.
other conditions than those It has to we should expect these stations to
stand here, even though they seem to the experimenting, and we should be
be much lighter,                   extremely careful how we give up
very much ground to It. The serious
elect Vriffu5 car efi'.       thing about experimenting with the
The accepted idea Is that the condi- apple is that you are doing something
tions of heat are not as hard to with- that Is going to take years to carry
stand as those of cold, that the tree out If you plant apple trees today,
which is inured to considerable cold which are two or three, or four years
will stand an unlimited amount of of age, it is going to be five or ten
heat; and just here comes in the fal- years before you have even a fair
lacy of the whole question of trans- idea how they are going to succeed,
terring apple varieties which  have unless they die, which In many cases
become used through generations to will be better for you.
one condition of things, to another "Be Sure You're Right-Then 
place where they will be subjected to  BY         eBh        e
different conditions  That this is
true you have only to go to your own  So It comes about that In the sug-
experience to Aind out, if you have gestion as to varieties to plant In any
ever tried bringing trees from the section, my experience has all been,
north, south, or from  the south, and my advice always Is, to select
north. So I have come to   believe those  aorts which  are absolutely
that if You send trees of a certain known to come the nearest to supply-
variety which are known to be hardy Ing the best quality of marketable
there from Alabama, that the trees fruit if you are raising for the mar-
which you bring from Alaama are ket, which you know can be grown in
just as likely to succeed here as will your own  neighborhood, or under
those that you send from  Hudson's conditions which you think must be
Bay, or equally far north. So I think much the same as yours. It seems to
we ought to start out on the selection  me this is so Important that In plant-
of orchards with the Idea that we Ing an orchard I would never plant a
cannot go Into any country on the single tree, except as I planted it
face of the earth and bring plants with the distinct idea that It was an
here with the idea that we are doing experiment, except such sorts as have
anything but carrying on an Experi- actually produced crops of fruit for
ment Station, and it Is not safe or series of years in the sections where
economical, or money making, for the I was planting. This, of course un-
average farmer to do very much in less I were in a new country where I
experimental work. If he is what he had nothing to guide me. I feel to-
ought to be, he is studying, he is day, that if fifteen years ago instead
watching things which he grows, of trying to drop all of the old sorts
whether livestock or trees, with the which had done well for a quarter or
Idea of learning how he might better half a century, and which all at once
their conditions, but In general, he through an unusual series of condi-
does not want to set apart a portion tions, failed you, Instead of trying
of his farm to carry on experiments. replace those with others which you
In each state in the union there is a |believed were going to be a panacea
station which receives a consider=ble for all the trials with which the apple
sum of money from the United States grower Is tried, Instead of dropping
forn that work, and when we go to any those and taking up others you knew
G2Dto place anl bring in ypletles noticng Of, ToM Wa   outoUf4 fri

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