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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Scott, L. E.
Saving fertility,   pp. 28-36 PDF (2.3 MB)

Page 31

SAVING FERTILITY.                      31
the utmost importance. Farms in tons of bran purchased with the pro-
the older portions of the state from  ceed, after deducting 25 per cent.
which the most grain has been sold, the cows would extract in process of
are beginning to present a sad con- digestion, would still give the farm
trst to adjoining farms where stock $312 worth of fertility  at market
growing or dairying  has been the prices. Again, deducting 25 per cent.
leading industry. and upon which the from the extra 52,000 pounds of skim
products of the farm have been more milk, we would have $34 more from
largely fed. But with all our care that source, and while owing to many
nothing can fully compensate for the contingencies the absolute value of
annual outgo, but to bring back to manures can never be determined, it is
our farms fertility from  some other safe to say that the manure from this
source than from the products of our forty tons of bran, if carefully saved
farms.  I believe commercial fer- and applied, would supply the farm
tilisers to be too expensive to corres- with as much fertility as $346 would
pond with the present prices of farm  purchase In the form of commercial
products in the west. The hauling of fertilizers.
stable manure, from  the village or       Handling Xanures.
city, cannot be thought of except by  It would seem then that so long
the comparative few who live within as we can purchase bran or linseed
a limited radius therefrom.       meal from Minnesota or the Dakotas,
How, then, are we to balance our or cotton seed products from  the
account  with  our   soil?  It  is south, and can get first cost or more,
plain that to do this we must put in the milk pall, or from stock grown,
back as much as we take from it, but that it would be wiser for us to add
it is unnecessary that it be of the this fertility to our farms, than to
same money value, or of the same it go to enrich the lands of Europe.
form. We see by the chart that at   But after once obtained, the saving
the market price of commercial fertil- and applying this manure are matters
izers a ton of butter ccntains but 42 which demand  our  consideration.
cts. worth of fertility, while a ton of Our varied practices upon the farm
wheat bran contains $10.41 worth. are too frequently impelled  by  ca-
Now a ton of butter at 16 cts. a pound pricious notion, prejudice or mis-
would purchase forty tons of bran at taken idea, instead of being founded
$8 per ton. Forty tons of bran upon scientific knowledge and care-
judiciously fed to good dairy cows, In fully tried experiment. And in noth-
connection with other feeds grown ing Is this more manifest than in the
upon the farm, should produce one. handling of manures. Men still con-
and one-half tons of butter more than tinue to leave manure in the yard all
the other feeds would produce with- summer to rot, knowing full well
out It.  Figuring upon a basis of 5 that they are losing the use of it
per cent. milk, this would mean an for a year, and in the face of the fact
extra fifty-two thousand  pounds of that even when piled in the most ap-
skim milk.                        proved form it will, upon the aver-
It is not my purpose to discuss the age, lose more than half its value if
profits of this extra amount of butter allowed to remain there six months
or skim milk, more than to merely in the summer season. If spread out
mention the fact that the farmer may over the surface of the yard the loss
at least get pay for the first cost and would be even greater.
extra labor, and that while the ton of
butter sold has carried with it but 42  Saving and Applying Manures.
cents worth of fertility, the forty  While the loss from these piles has
 T                 ,    -,    .' -, , -"  -  ! -      , I
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