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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Scott, L. E.
Saving fertility,   pp. 28-36 PDF (2.3 MB)

Page 30

In part, at least, by the use of clover cannot be kept up for an indefinite
which has the power of extracting  period by the growing of clover
this valuable element from  the at- alone, for with the exception of iii-
mosphere and storing It in the soil trogen, It adds nothing to the soil
for the use of succeeding crops.   except what it takes from  the sel,
and it Is evident that if by supplying
Value of Clover.          needed nitrogen we grow  a larger
Nitrogen is not only the most cost- crop, then that crop in proportion to
ly element of fertility, but it is the its increased  yield, draws  more
one in which our soils are most fre- heavily upon the other elements, and
quently deficient, owing to its being the soil is really rendered poorer
the most readily washed or leached all the elements; save the one, than It
Cog ---- 120                   4SJ
Pows or Viwmu3m hEIuom PC
CORN STALKS           405    iM        i
TIMOTHY HAY           4X
CLOVER      "t u2
WHEAT STRAW            L9
CORN                  i,,
BARLEY                4.77 SU
OATS                  us    4Si
WHEAT                 6.6s  497
WHEAT BRAN           "4 7un
LHSHtI)MEAL-OP-. 15         wL
cm             ~~~~12.18  93S
BUTTER                 .42   32 U *_
away. The clover plant, in supply- would ha
ing this one thing needful in our Wis- not been
consin soils which are generally rich
in the other elements, has been the    Care
means of increasing our yields of     Inasmi
other crops in a large degree.      not requ
The practice of sowing clover with the same
all grain crops, is therefore to  be tion of
commended. But contrary to the be- the hidd
lief and claims of many enthusiastic careful I
friends of this plant, soil fertIlity the crop
AY#,# per &
Lve been had the clover crop
n grown.
eful Rotation Necessary.
uch as two different plants do
iire elements of fertility in
D proportion, a proper rota-
crops will aid in conserving
en treasures of the soil. A
attention to the analysis of
that we are selling it also of

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