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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

University of Wisconsin. Board of Regents,   pp. [8]-[11] PDF (818.2 KB)

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-               1,T :
10               WIBO9I F                  Ittl.
Physical Culture:-The Armory and Gymnasium     is one of the   ag"t
buildings for its purposes connected with any institution ot learing in
the country. It is provided with rooms for lectures on Physiolo a
Hygene, and for class and individual exercise In all the torms of gym-
nastic practice. There are also the most abundant and    *PISv"
facilities for shower, sponge, and swimming baths.
Adequate accommodalons are provided for the woman" gymnastics
by the construction of an addition to Ladies' Hall, whch has been tflly
equipped. This furnishes ample facilities for systematic Courses for
young women, and is under the immediate direction of a trained in-
In lgchanics and   nginseeringg:.-lementary Mechanics, M   ehc      o
Material, Mechanics of Machinery, Theory of Construction, ThetUsdyt
namics, Elementary Surveying, Railroad and TopographiC Sur'qlne
Geodesy, Sanitary, Hydraulic, Railroad, Electrical, Stean Engineering.
Hydraullc motors, Hoisting Machinery, Theory and Conestruction tof O
comotives, Railway Locomotives, Railway  LOTion, Raiway     ftqup-
ment, Construction and Maintenance Of Way, Railroad Field Work.
In Blectricity:-Electrical Testing, Electrical  Plants,  Electrical  Corn-
struction, and various forms of drawing are given; also shop wor In
wood, iron, brass, both hand work and machine work, machine designing.
construction and testing machines.
In Agriculture:-Varlous courses are given in  agriculture. Amnl Hus-
bandry, Farm management, Dairying, Agricultural Chemistry, VeteSi
nary Science, Agricultural Physics, Horticulture and Economic Entobel-
ogy, etc.
In Law:-Cour^es in Equity, Jurcsprucdencd, Real Propnstitutionrtr aortil
Law, Wills, Contracts, Torts, Practce and Pleading, Lawr Of Evide'ce,
Corporations, Domestic Relations, Addmiralty, Isurrndant andtoppl, Part-
nership, Tforatson, Criminal aws, Common Carrteh , Medical Ju   rl
dence, etc.
In Pharmacy :-Courses In Practical Phairmacy, Pharmaceutical Chem tr,
Materla Medica,   Pharmaceutical Botany, and   Practical Iained   fl-
General Facilstandies: e faculty embraces upMard of 116 instrctors.  TlM
laboratories  are new, extensive an d well equlpped; ombraIng  the Chem -
cal, Physical, Yetallurgical, Yineralogical, Geological, Zoologial, Pot-
icai, Bacteriological, Civil and Mehranical  Englneeaing,  Agricalrl  d
Pharmsc  eutical Laboratories. SesOfua gs are held for advanced stwdy 1i
History, Language, Lterature, Mathematics, and other brahncesR
The libraries accessible to student embrac that ot the  Univerity, 4
volumes; of the 8tate Historical Sociv, 1DO,OOO volumes, including i ih-
lets; of the State Law  Department, 26,000 volume;  d the citry  wu0-
nnes, beSides special profesional and technical libraries, makinn  al n _e
than 264,000 volumes , thus  affording very  exeptonal oepyrtunitiles or
reading and special research.
For further insomatiocn enad for a ctalogue, or addrels the PpeliPt
or the head of the departmnt concernin Pa icy, Pharmaceutical dhesired
Mateia  edia,  haraceuica Boany Can   PrADtiAl LPvorator

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