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Wisconsin Fruit Growers' Association / Transactions of the Wisconsin Fruit Growers' Association for the year 1855; including the award of premiums at the annual exhibition, held at Milwaukee, on the 18th, 19th and 20th days of Sept., and the report of the convention, held at Whitewater on the 12th and 13th days of September, etc., etc.

Winter fruits,   pp. [7]-18 PDF (1.9 MB)

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                                                   l  l
T)A~n] w  4,--r gamrnaial e-tiltivation  when !
worked on strong stocks.
                Westfleld Seek-no-Further.
  BRAyTow-In all soils a valuable fruit; moderately productive;
a tardy bearer; in season from December to February.
  KNDqzy-With me an early bearer, and productive.
  HANFORD-One of the best; a good grower; productive and
  MATTnzws-A shv bearer with me thus far; trees thrifty and I
  STARUN-Begins to bear at 5 years from planting.
  HAWL&Y-Have trees 9 years planted; bore for the first time a
heavy crop last year; very few this season; trees grow slow.
   RATIIBUN-TreC hardy and a good grower; bears sparingly on
alternate years; not an early bearer; fruit very fair and of good
size; keeps well; quality "very good."
   Recommended for general cultivation.
   SLocux -A good grower; moderately productive; does well.
   HANFORD-A tardy bearer; grows well.
   STARIN-" Steele's Red Winter," has been to some extent dis-
 seminated in the \Vest for this variety.
   Ba.AyTox-Has fruited the Baldwin for 5 years past; on prai-
 rie and on moist soils, subject to bitter-rot; on dry soils, stock-
 grafted, it is a valuable apple; very productive.
   HAWLEY-A good grower; tardy bearer; productive on alter-
 nate years; not subject to bitter-rot with me.
   RATHBtN-Fruited with me 6 years from planting; not pro-
 ductive; fruit of good size and very fair; subject to bitter-rot,
 though free from it the past season; third rate as to quality and

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