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Wisconsin Fruit Growers' Association / Transactions of the Wisconsin Fruit Growers' Association for the year 1855; including the award of premiums at the annual exhibition, held at Milwaukee, on the 18th, 19th and 20th days of Sept., and the report of the convention, held at Whitewater on the 12th and 13th days of September, etc., etc.

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                   Cables Gilliftower.
  HANFoRD-Hardy; good grower; an early and profuse bearer;
quality "good;" loses its flavor after 1st of Feb'y.
  BMr-ToN-A    profitable fruit for market; quality not good
enough to recommend it for general cultivation.
                   Yellow Bellefleur.
  BarmoN-A good grower in the Nursery and in the Orchard:
makes a large tree; is an early bearer and does well root-grafted;
quality "besL"
  HANFORD-Root-grafted trees slow in coming into bearing: the
reverse of this is true with stock-worked trees; grows well either
way; quality "best."
  MATHzws-Perfectly hardy in every respect: trees planted in
1848, fruited in'53; my trees are worked standard high, and prom-
ise to be very productive; quality, " very good."
  Moved to recommend for general cultivation.
  BRAYTON-Moved to amend by adding the
words " south of 400 ;" thought it would not do
for the North.
  HANFORD-Cole particularly recommends it for
cultivation at the North. The quality of the fruit
is much better in Wisconsin than in Iowa.
  Amendment lost and oiiginal motion carried.
                     Perry Buysett
  BRAYros-This variety has been disseminated in the West as
the Golden Russett; after eight years, it is very productive; quality
,-best;" is in use all the winter months, and may be kept until May.
  HANFORD-Esteem it very highly; tree a good grower, hardy,
and productive. In use from Nov. to March.
  HAwLEY-Ia the Spring of '54, almost the entire crop of one
of my orchards was cut off by a late frost, except that on a tree
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r_-                       ---                - __   __ -____.
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