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Davies, Howell D. / Addresses given at the centennial of the Oshkosh, Wisconsin, welsh settlement Bethesda Church, town of Nekimi, Winnebago County, July 4-6, 1947: also the register of the 1,013 persons attending and the souvenir program

Davies, Howell D.
The Welsh past,   pp. 8-28

Page 9

page 9 
Chicago; 65 miles in length, or 20 miles less than the 
distance from Milwaukee to Chicago, or about the distance 
(63 miles) fro Fond du Lac to Milwaukee.   
And, though surrounded by strong alien cultural, social 
and political pressures, it ever defied dissolution or 
absorption.  The people partook of the rocky nature of 
their land, the non-fossil, or oldest in the world, and the 
hardest, the Cambrian, from which green, blue gray slates 
are split, 6 to an inch. A population of only a little over
 2,000,000 , and yet, though politically merged with England
 since the Act of Union of 1535, maintaining throughout the 
years their cultural, linguistic and religious independence. 
Though honeycombed with the Roman ways for 400 years and 
though inundated by the Saxon and Norman tidal wave, their
 cultural rock remained unmoved.  Note the tenacity of the 
language.  Though under the Romans 400 years and later 
under the Normans and English, they kept their language. 
 At least 35% (1931 census) speak Welsh.  In 5 shires 800
 of every 1000 could.  As Rhys Davies says, a million have
 deliberately chosen not to forget Welsh.  There are a 
score of Welsh weeklies, some 18 monthlies and a half dozen

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