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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Forty-first annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Ashland, Wis., December 10, 11 and 12, 1912. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays and discussions relating to the dairy interests

[Report of committee on resolutions],   pp. 102-103 PDF (479.0 KB)

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Forty-first Annual Report of the
President Jacobs in the Chair.
Reports of Committees called for.
The Committee on Resolutions reported as follows:
Believing that the tuberculin testing of cattle in the state has been
of great value in the improvement of her dairy conditions, as well au
giving her an enviable reputation among the other states, as a state
from which healthy animals can be purchased, and believing that the
remuneration given by the state in helping to pay for animals re-
acting to the tuberculin test has been of great value in bringing
about this condition, and
Whereas, the present law regarding any part of payment of animals
by the state for animals reacting to the test will cease on July, 1913,
therefore, be it
Resolved, that the Wisconsin State Dairymen's Association, in
forty-first annual convention assembled recommend to the coming
legislature that the time limit be extended two years, believing it to
be for the best interests of the dairy business of the state.
Resolved, that the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association assembled
In its 41st annual convention respectfully represents to the Congress
of the United States its profound conviction that in the interest of
honesty and commercial morality there can be no honorable compro-
mise between the advocates of pure dairy products and the manu-
facturers and sellers of oleomargarine until it is made difficult if not
impossible for oleomargarine to masquerade as butter. The dairy-
men of the United States are willing to accept all the results of
honest competition, but they protest that a substitute for butter so
cunningly devised and colored that its true origin and composition
cannot be detected except by scientific experts, cannot be considered
as honest competition. They therefore respectfully petition Con-
gress to enact legislation that shall effectually safeguard the public
and especially those of limited means from Imposition. either by
totally prohibiting the manufacture of oleomargarine in any shade
of yellow resembling butter, or by placing such a tax upon the col-
ored article as shall make its manufacture unprofitable.
Whereas, cobperation among the dairymen, both in miethod of pro-
duction and the selling of the product, would be of mutual benefit.
both to the producer and consumer, by causing a better article to be
furnished at a more reasonable and uniform price, and
Whereas, the work of educating the dairyman along proper coop-
erative lines may well be Intrusted by the state to an agency in
which the dairyman has confidence as practical. Therefore,
Resolved, that we urge upon the legislature of the state of Wis-
consin the urgent necessity of practical teaching of cooperative meth-
ods. that the appropriation to the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association
be increased to such an amount as will enable this association to
carry on such work in addition to the work now being carried on.
For the Committee on Nominations Mr. Goodrich reported as

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