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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Thirty-second annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Platteville, Wis., February 10, 11 and 12, 1904. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays and discussions relating to the dairy interests

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Bragg, Clarence T.
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Thirty-second Annuual Report of the 
knowledge, and skill, that he needed to get into the current of 
progress to fit himself for what was to come. He has been 
there, and he will tell us how it struck him from the standpoint 
of the student. 
Clarence T. Bragg, Bloomer, Wis. 
Before we commence to discuss the Dairy School, I would 
like to sav a few words about the students who attend the 
school. Thev come, not only from all parts of Wisconsin, but 
from all over the United States and even from other countries. 
The class I was in had men from all over-Canada, Washing- 
ton, Oregon, California, Maine, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, 
Nebraska and a number of other states. They represent nearly 
all nationalities and ages, varying from twenty to sixty years. 
Their experience varies from a few months to several years. 
Some have worked in creameries, some in cheese factories, some 
in both, others have worked in sanitary milk plants and some 
had been, making butter on. the large western ranches. 
The instruction given at the Dairy School is divided into two 
courses, a winter term and a summer term. Before being ad- 
initted to the winter course, the student should have at least six 
months' practical experience in a creamery or cheese factory, 
but no previous experience is necessary to gain admission to the 
summer course. 
The expenses of the average student are about one hundred 
uollars for the term. Board, room and washing will vary from 
four to five dollars per week. Eight dollars will buy all the 
necessary books. Some students will get through and not spend 
over seventy-five dollars. Others will spend about two hun- 
dred dollars. lMy expenses, including car fare, Christmas 
vacation, clothes, and in fact everything I spent in the three 
months amounted to one hundred twenty dollars. 

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