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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Thirty-first annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Fond du Lac, Wis., February 11, 12 and 13, 1903. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays and discussions relating to the dairy interests

[Feed and care of bulls],   pp. 88-91 PDF (970.0 KB)

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*   -                   .. 
,            90    n   o    i4$uuW AnmW   Reppi of XA. 
about the bull. There ae thousands of farme  that will cling 
to a bull that is more dangerous than any wild animl on this 
continent A black bear is a coward in comparison with a bull, 
because you never know when you are safe with a bull. 
We have mm being killed all the time with the ugly creatures 
ExGov. Board: Do you want to know how to keep him 
down I 
Mr. Gurler: Yes; tell us. 
Ex-Gov. Hoard: If you will start with your bull when he is 
young and accustom, him to the tread power and mike him work 
every day, he will be all right I tell you a bull that goes onto a 
tread power and works on it for two hours, has got all the Cimn 
taken out of hinm I have had two wicked fights with bulls, but 
I have never been so much instructed as I have since I com- 
menced this practice of the tread power. I paid $80 for a tread 
power, and put it into the barn, and my bull furnishes the 
power for separating all the milk. Ile has to work about au hour 
and a half to two hours, and sometimes when he gets pretty 
cranky, even after the milk is done, he keeps warking. The 
track wears down his feet too, and keeps him in good condition, 
and every young bull is trained to get onto the tread power and 
--rm   T ILe - ne ol_ - elo -ha ja xeen deore anIl - L-  e--I 
WV.LjL. A "&YU  UU IUuw TAi has DeM aiOrne AM Bne 
bosses everybody and everything that comes itilo the barn I 
can't put him onto the tread power, it would take forty ma, but 
if he had been trained when he was a baby, in the way he ahould 
go, he would be a different animal today. I have not had a 
cross bull in nmy possession since I used the tread power. 
A Member: My practice with cross bulls is always to have 
a good Shepherd dog at mDr heels and I never feel at allall 
The dog will never leave you and if the bull makes a move he 
will catch his heels. 
A Memrer: I have got a good Shepherd dog and my bull 
tossed me about four rods in spite of the dog. 
Mr. Howie: I have been in the ring with a bull three imes, 
and every time I got the worst of it. The first time he had horns 
on, and I tell you it was not a verypleasant experience to be 
lying on your back with a bull staring right into your eyes within 
two incheis  Fortunately he stumbled over me, and I got out of 

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