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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Eleventh annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Elk-horn, Wis., January 31, and February 1 and 2, 1883. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays relating to the dairy interests

Report of committee on cream raising and cream carrying utensils,   pp. 154-157 PDF (763.1 KB)

Page 156

156          EL   -TE AUM     AL BMW; OW TM 
B. F. Hoeus, CEO* flinsma 
This consist of a tank i.i water, into which deep cans can be st. A 
metal lid with deep sides  placed oVe the top of the Cana, after which 
water ai Uowed to im into the taL  The water r-ing me the aOube. 
of airheld by the lI, and is forced up over the lid- In this state there
exi  a body of odd air below a body of sliy compressed ar at the top 
of the scasi, and cold water aboe. 
N. . Blackmer, Potge, Wisconin. 
In this process the milk is placed In cans which are ai tight. By a very
mplb air pump, connected to the cam by rubbe tub, a vacuum is 
formed over the milk After the vacuum is produced, the cream is left to 
ris  The cans may be iued with or without 
CoLMz    R  GMA ToRL C-        D M"  COOLJ 
William Colditz, Rochelle, Illinois 
A tank with movable, deep ca   The toak is filled with water to within 
an inch of the top of the cans. The lid of the tank hods waterto a depth
of several inches. Ventilators fron the air space below pas up through 
this lid. 
Frank R Peck & Co., 146 West Water St, Milwaukee, Wi. 
A milk can and water tank combined. A can with a hollow tube extend- 
ing to a chamber below. Water being ped into the hollow tube fMlls the 
chamber and tube. ThiscCools the milk at the middle and the bottom. A 
tube below permits of emptying the chamber of water at wi 
Manufatured at Wooter, Ohio. 
This is a can twelve inches in height, with a comical cover extendig 
down over the cn sx inche  The cover is ocstructed with a tube ex- 
tending down into the can so as to form a cold air chamber through the 
center of the milk. The screw valve on top of the CQver enable the ar to
be excluded and the can ca be seae by setting into wate six or more 
Inches deep 
Kenosh, il Pan Manufaelag GCo, Kmohsh, Wis. 
A large dallow'pa with a double' bmI   afeing cdd water to pas 
under the milk which iaset only a few Ince deep. 

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