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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Tenth annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Sheboygan, Wis., January 11-13, 1882. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays relating to the dairy interests

Hazen, Chester
My mistakes as a dairyman,   pp. 94-97 PDF (842.6 KB)

Page 95

looking pile, the best ones he put into one pile and the poor ones 
in another. I ventured to ask him where those cheese were made. 
He maid, in the south part of the state. He had a stencil there for 
branding those best ones " New York Factories " and the others
"Western." Says I, "Do you put that mark on those cheese 
there?" He said, " Yes." I said, " You cannot brand my
that way, nor will I deal with a party that will do that; we want 
the reputation of our best cheese ourselves." 
This was one of the instances that called up the necessity of or- 
ganization of such an association as this, so that we might work 
together in overcoming this state of things, and I have never dis- 
covered that we made a mistake in so doing. I thought I had 
made a mistake when in the meeting yesterday a dairyman, a maker 
of cheese, comes up to advocate the manufacture of butter and 
-cheese from the same milk. Perhaps it is all well enough; perhaps 
a little better results are obtained by factories when they make 
both butter and cheese, but I hope our Wisconsin dairymen won't 
lose sight of the fact that we have built up a reputation for making 
full cream cheese. It don't seem just that they should fill their 
pockets with the products of our reputation, on skim cheese. How. 
ever, this has only been brought up a short time, this other subject 
of winter dairying. Some of us may not be prepared to run a 
winter dairy. Perhaps the market might be overstocked at times 
at a different season from what it is now. The trouble now with 
our dairy goods is that the fresh cheese is all put upon the market 
at one time. If a portion of the dairy interests of the whole 
country would change, that plan of running winter dairies would 
work better. 
If I have made a mistake, it is more in investing money in enter- 
prises outside of my line of dairying than any other. It seems to 
me, that if a man makes dairying his business and profession he 
ought to attend to that business particularly. There are very few 
successful dairymen but what superintend their business in person. 
My business in other years has been so that I could not attend to 
it personally, but only through hired help, and it has not been 
carried on to that advantage that it ought to be and would have 
been had I given it my personal attention. There is nothing that 
requires more careful attention upon the farm than the dairy. I 
hardly consider it the best course to pursue, for manufacturers and 

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