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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Tenth annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Sheboygan, Wis., January 11-13, 1882. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays relating to the dairy interests

Banquet--Toasts,   pp. 89-91 PDF (532.4 KB)

Page 89

Gizaw CLuE 
r .Txz AxNuAL. DAmy PJODUCTION OY THE STATZ - $10,000,O0.- A, 
Golden Calf whose Mother In the Wisconsin Cow.- Response by Hon. 
R. D. Torrey, Oshkosh. 
2. Tim STATz Oi WiscoNsiN.-Response by COI. Conrad Krez, Steboygan. 
Jl Tzz FOAuxE  Boys or WxcoNow -Give them a chance for their 
brains, as well as their hands- Response by Prof. W. A. Henry, 
SoLo - By J. G. Lumbard, Chicago. 
4. TxE FAmxxz' GIRLg-They rule the Farmers' Boys, who rule the 
NationD-Response by L. D. Harvey, Sheboygan. 
51 TEE " Im     BuLn "- A breed noted In History, and famous in
and Story- Response by W. D. Hoard, Fort Atkinson. 
t Tzm Isun Couw-Vigorously milked and poorly fed.-Response by 
Hon. Jno. E. Thomas, Sheboygan Falls 
7. TEE DAraY PusrT -The Cream of Agriculture- Response by Hon. 
.   H. D. Sherman, Monticello, Iowa. 
& Oux Gunms-The Wisconsin Dairymen.-Response by Hon. B. Will. 
ims, Sheboygan. 
So Lo -By J. G. Lumbard, Chicago. 
, TEE DAiRYMaw or Wiscowsui.- 
. . Some say the cow, with her gentle face, 
Is a little too slow for the governor's race." 
Respocse by HoD. Hiram Smith, Sheboygan FaIll 
10. BSzeoYGoA'5 PRODUcTIONs -Cheese, Chairs and Children- Response 
by T. X. Blackstock, Sheboygan. 
IL OUR WORTHY ROe, THI PKoPLz or SKEBOYGAN.- Response by Pres. 
ident Beach, Whitewater. 
*PoEM- Mr J. LI Moore, Sheboygan. 
All will join in singivg from " Auld Lang Syne." 
Should auld acquaintance be forgot, 
And never brought to min'? 
Should auld acquaintance I a fvernt 
And days o' lang syne! 

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