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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association 59th annual meeting October 25 - 26, 1950 Auditorium and Schroeder Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

1950 convention cheese scores,   pp. 86-90 PDF (858.7 KB)

Page 86

ai n u i n   -
Wisconsin     e Makers' Association
Amami A    d     and C    _
O0eber 35 and 2, 19"
We are grateful for, and publicly acknowledge, all cash donations
for prize money. A list of the donors of prize money will be found
following the cheese scores. All prize money was distributed to
exhibitors on a per point basis commencing with 92, and for each
full point above.
Clas I - Aay style Ahmrlsaa    ess mis pnle
to Janry 1, 13i
No.          Name           Addreo                     See
101 P. J. Thompson, Arena                 "J
102 Edmund L. Kraemer, Rio Creek              _
103 Harvey Schneider, Waldo                 *4
1"   Remaid Jehums, Mt Sterlin                         93
105 Bernard Moldrem, Boscobel                           95_y4
106 Kenneth Bonney, Easstman                            f7
107 Clyde Johnson, Seneca                       J
108 Alphonse Schneider, Malone -                        90
109 Ruben L Leack, Brillion                             92%
110 Steve Koenigs, Fond du Lac                   J
111 Geo. Albrecht, Stratford  __
112 Maurice Raasch, Shawano                             022s
113 Harold A. Kalk, Sheboygan                           92%
114 Aug. A. Suemnicht, Plymouth-
115 Lloyd F. Dickrell, Junction City                      Y
116 L J. Koewbak, Owen                                  92%
117 Theodore Dickrell, Jr., Junetion City               93
118 Henry J. Loehr, Calvary                             03
119 Claude A. Loehr, Calvary                            92
120 Leo J. Loehr, Calvary                                B
Cla  11 - Any style Admiesa elmsesmis betwem jam.
1, 13   ad Jab 21, 1316, (bdtk dates leoaslue)
201 P. J. Thompson, Arena

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