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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association 59th annual meeting October 25 - 26, 1950 Auditorium and Schroeder Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kopitzke, President
President Kopitzke's message,   pp. 81-85 PDF (899.3 KB)

Page 84

me, and rightly so. From the nature of some of the complaints
you can not help but get the impression that certain state em-
ployees act as though they are our dictators rather than our ser-
vants. They are very officious.
The next session of the legislature is only a few months away.
According to al indications there will again be plenty of legisla-
tion which will effect our industry and bear watching.
One of the supporters of that famous truck licensing bill
which was introduced during the 194 session in speaking at a re-
cent Convention stated that it was too bad that the opposition did
not see fit to go along. He also indicated that similar legislation
was in the making and would be up for consideration at the next
session. Most of you know, that had this bill been passed, the
license fees on our trucks would have been raised considerably.
The bill dealing with weight limits was only postponed until
1951, so that is sure to be reconsidered.
Another law passed in the last session allows cheese from out
of the state to be shipped in and stored tax free, while cheese
produced in Wisconsin is taxable. This law, as well as others,
should be amended or repealed.
When you receive notice from the office of the hearings to be
held on these important bins, be sure and attend, if possible. If
you can not attend the hearings write to your Senators, Assem-
blymen, and the other officers of your organization, giving your
views and suggestions. It is hard to represent you properly if we
do not hear from you.
In closing I want to thank the officers, directors, and last but
not least, you members, for your co-operation during the past
Thank you.
(Announcements by President Kopitzke regarding prize
money, and announcements by Mr. Mooney, off the record.)
We will now have the drawings of the door prizes. (Award-
ing of door prizes.)
PRES. KOPITZKE: A motion to adjourn is now in order.

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