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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association 59th annual meeting October 25 - 26, 1950 Auditorium and Schroeder Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wilson, W. J.
Address,   pp. 66-80 PDF (3.2 MB)

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That figure we may take as a symbol to characterize our fu-
ture achievements. Can we, shall we make it? I think so -
because - first - we will develop a true and honest conception of
our position in the food structure of America. Second - we will
lift up our eyes to the heights of quality: and three - we will
have the courage and the determination day by day to strive for-
ward to these heights.
Despite many shortcomings, the industry has done many good
thing, which must bear fruit. In the field of consumer education
through the national dairy council we have taught the lesson of
food values, and good health through proper eating. We have
been aggressive in advertising and trade promotion through the
American Dairy Association as well as through individual com-
panies (and speaking of ADA, I want to offer my commendation
for the splendid job that group has done. As you know, it is
entirely a producer group. Each year you folks are asked to make
collections from your patrons. The money you collect goes to
advertise the cheese which you make. I can't think of an easier,
simpler way to build up a worthwhile advertising war chest than
just to make the agreed collection from every patron).
In August we had a unique meeting in Chicago. It was spon-
*sored jointly by the national Cheese Institute and the American
Dairy Association. The meeting was attended by members of the
industry-your President Len Kopitzke was there - also repre-
sentatives of the Association of National Food Chains - The As-
sociation of National Retail Grocers - Leading Home Economists
- Food Editors of Radio and Press - related food merchandisers
such as National Biscuit, Dole Pineapple and others - I am sure
that we all came away from that meeting imbued with the en-
thusiasm and the will and the determination to go out and make
sales records in this month of the Fall Cheese Festival such as this
industry has never before experienced. This same sort of con-
certed cooperative selling can happen with increasing tempo year
after year and for years to come.
We can accomplish our sales objectives if we keep in mind
what makes people buy. The advertising and merchandising peo-
Ple say the selling of the future will -be more and more the result
of consumer decisions to buy. The packages of the future will
have a more appealing "buy me look" to help the consumer to
mnake that decision. The packages, too, win be made to fit the
American family. America, is, unfortunately, a land of small
families - 3 to 4 people - so we need small packages of cheese

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