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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-fourth annual convention November 13, 14, 1935 assembled in the City of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Graf, A. H.
Report of Northeastern Wisconsin Cheese and Butter Makers Association,   pp. 21-22 PDF (460.0 KB)

Page 22

really helpful to the industry. Of course, we haven't laid down on the
job-the Northeastern Wisconsin Cheese Makers and Butter Makers
Association. We feel it is our duty to not lay down on the job, so during
the past year we have given our moral and financial support to the
national cheese institute and National Cheese Week. Both last year and
this year we have donated cash to the furtherance of National Cheese
Week and we have done everything we can to help advertise Wisconsin
cheese. We have sent representatives down to Madison to appear be-
fore the legislative committees to fight for bills that we felt were to
the benefit of the industry and we have also fought against bills that
we thought were detrimental to the industry. I think we owe our
President Mr. Kopitzke a vote of thanks for ably representing us at
Madison and our other members of the association that have done prac-
tically as much. He has untiringly given of his efforts and of his own
money and I know he takes money out of his own pocket and uses it
on these trips because the association has not been paying his entire
expenses. Mr. Ebert who was secretary of this association before I was
and after I was, Mr. Ebert was secretary for about two years, but when
he was elected secretary of the Wisconsin State Association he found it
necessary to resign and so the Board of Directors asked me to take the
position again and help them out until the coming convention. I prom-
ised to do this but when the convention came around they didn't want
to give me a vacation; they said you better stay on for another year.
We put on what we call a successful convention at Shawano this
year. We had a nice attendance, had quite a few cheese makers there
and some others that supported us and the association. We only put
on a one day convention this year. We felt it was our duty to kind of
give our support to the State Association, seeing that they were hold-
Ing their convention here at Fond du Lac which really is centrally
located and it was no more than right for us to do that. We thought
we could possibly boost the attendance here if we didn't have such
a big convention there. But the thing that I possibly mentioned
before-the thing I would like to see is to have more makers attend
these conventions, the Northeastern, the Central Wisconsin conventions.
In closing I want to say I want to extend my best wishes to the
Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association for a most successful convention
and hope we will be able to work out things here for the best interests
of the dairy industry.
MaL PESIDErNT: I certainly want to thank Mr. Graf for the remarks
he made and I know they came right from his heart. The Northeastern
said they were going to hold a one day meeting, and seeing Fond du Lac
was so near they were going to boost the state convention and you
know how it makes your officers feel without telling them.
We next have a song by Leola Mitchell from Clintonville.
The next is an address by Mr. A. C. Hillstad, secretary of the
Butter Makers Association. Ladies and -gentlemen, I take great
pleasure in introducing to you Mr. A. C. Hilistad, secretary of the
Butter Makers Association.

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