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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-fourth annual convention November 13, 14, 1935 assembled in the City of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Ebert, C. J.
Financial report of secretary,   pp. 16-17 PDF (376.2 KB)

Reynolds, John R.
Report of the Kewaunee County Cheese Makers' Association,   pp. 17-18 PDF (412.9 KB)

Page 17

Addressing annual reports, transfer trunks, etc ...............................
Total ..... $ 495.00
Balance  on  hand  ...........................................................................
 $  286.08
Combining the two funds made a total on hand and turned over to
me by J. L. Sammis of $2,789.25.
THE PRESIDENT: Gentlemen, you have heard the secretary's report;
are there any questions you would like to ask about this report?
Ma. NruHAus: Mr. President, is there any refund on those?
THE PRESIDENT: That is going to be taken up later in our program.
You will notice in your program that will be discussed tomorrow
afternoon. Are there any other questions?
The next on our program will be a five minute report from branch
secretaries by those that are present as I call off this list. A. F.
Schultz from Phlox. Is Mr. Schultz here? Martin Beaton from De
Pere. Is Mr. Beaton here? Gus E. Plate from Brillion. Is Mr. Plate
here? 0. R. Schwantes from Clintonville. A. M. Johnson from Edgar.
I wish as I call off these names if any of these secretaries are here
they will come up here and give their report. Glenn C. Weiss from
Eden. Harold Smelzer from Highland. John Reynolds from Ke-
waunee. Will you please come up here, I am very glad that Mr. Rey-
nolds is here. I take pleasure in introducing Mr. Reynolds, secretary
of the Kewaunee county local.
The cheese makers of Kewaunee County organized their branch of the
Association June 13, 1933.
Since then they have held regular meetings in different parts of the
county. Practically all of the cheese makers of the county are members
of the Association.
Our yearly dues are only 25 cents which pays for postage. Funds
for other purposes have been raised by giving benefit dances and by
having lunch stands at the County Fair. We have had wonderful
success selling toasted cheese sandwiches.
Up-to-date we have painted five large barn signs and are planning
on having another one painted next spring.
We have done considerable newspaper advertising and have dis-
tributed free cheese sandwiches at all of our dances.
During the time we have been organized we have sent several com-
mittees to Madison to attend legislative hearings. We feel that we
have helped the dairy industry by sending these committees there to
either approve or oppose certain bills which were scheduled to come
before the legislature. The Association stood the expenses of these

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