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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-fourth annual convention November 13, 14, 1935 assembled in the City of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Rosenthal, Albert
Address of welcome,   pp. [13]-14 PDF (394.8 KB)

Kopitzke, L. E.
Response,   pp. 14-15 PDF (453.2 KB)

Page 14

It is a true saying that if you start your labors with the Lord all
will be well, and that is what you have done, and it pleases me that
yvou did It in that way.
I further want to congratulate you for having this convention and
having a, large number of people in our city, but I don't see them
in the hall where they should be, at least at this time. I understood
that this convention was to start at 9:30 this morning. It is way past
that time but I am going to offer several excuses. Your trains may
have been late; your automobiles may have been broken on your way
down, or some of you may have over-slept this morning. I understand
some of you already were In our city last evening. And then, of
course, when you are in a city like Fond du Lao-hospitable, courteous
and friendly towards every one who comes here, I take it that those
things can all happen, especially one can oversleep the next morning
after he has been here the night before.
I want to assure you that the people in our city will most heartily
welcome you and offer you every courtesy that anyone could offer
you. We are happy to have you with us. The city is yours, so far as
It behooves good citizens to be in our midst, and I take it for granted
that every cheese maker and every friend that the cheese maker has,
It may be his wife or it may be his friend, will be welcome in our city.
We want you to have a good time; we want you to further the inter-
ests of your association and we want you to take away with you a
kindly spot in your heart for the city of Fond du Lac.
I don't want to take up very much of your time. I know that you
have other speakers on the program, especially one that is going to
talk to yop about the food value of. whey, and I will back him up on
that because I can tell you this, when I was a young lad I drank whey
myself. I worked on the farm and at that time I happened to be a
little bashful and didn't eat all I wanted to eat or could eat at the
table, so I went to the cheese factory and ate cheese and drank sweet
whey. So you see I lived up to now. I think It is the sweet whey that
did it. When a map gets to the age I am now, then he doesn't think
as much of the whey any more, and the cheese makers all know that
he needs something different than whey.
Once more I want to extend to you the sincere greetings and heartiest
welcome of the city of Fond du Lac.
THE PRESIDENT: I certainly can vouch for what Mr. Rosenthal has
told us because the city of Fond du Lac certainly has been courteous
to us, and I certainly am well satisfied with the way we have been
treated here since we started this convention.
We will next have the response by our vice president, Mr. Kopitzke.
I don't think this man needs any introduction, because everyone knows
Leonard, and I take great pleasure in having Leonard give the response
this morning.
By L. E Koprmz, Vice President
Mr. President, Mayor Rosenthal and friends: In behalf of the As-
sociation, I wish to thank Mayor Rosenthal who has so heartily

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