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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Steadman, G. E.
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the benefit than I. There are too many reactionary minds, too many
old fogies, too many dangerous, disastrous types of mental view point
that hold a project and its progress back.
The thing that makes you get ahead, that makes you successful as a
business consists of three constant factors and one variable. The
three constants are plan, progress and prospects. Those things can be
engineered good or bad in relation to one variable. If the manage-
ment's mind is bad they will be bad; if it is good they will be good. I
will stop right here and say that it has been my pleasure and privi-
lege in the last three or four weeks to come in close touch with Mr.
Mulloy and how we are doing in terms of this Wisconsin Cheese Mak-
ers Publicity Association. I know the effect they have had in going
around and visiting your factories, and such men as Kohler and
McCarthy, and they have the right management in seeing you boys
through, and it is for that reason and that alone I have come here and
made this special trip, put myself out to be of help to you.
Now I will say this, for you know much better than I do, it is the
subject of your conversation at the fireside, you think of it on your
pillows at night, and you wake up with it in the morning,-and that is
your lack of control of your business. You lack control of every vital
part of your business, you lack control of consumption, you lack control
of distribution, you lack quality, you lack control of price. You are in
business to make a profit and you can't make a profit and stay in
existence withut the control you need, because you are unprotected
men; because you are unprotected you are paying the cost on the
Board today which is greater than any cost you have to pay for
If you will take the time to see it and study it you will know that
the one thing you are doing today is cheating yourselves from having
something that you really want to have. It isn't the cost of what it is
going to be, it is the cost of what you are paying now that counts.
Now none of us can do this job alone. 2176 cheese factories, more
factories than there are towns in the state; 90 per cent of the produc-
tion sold outside of the state and none of us could afford, if you wanted
to, if you were that altruistic, to do the marketing job alone. On
the other hand, if you were to get together and do it you would do it
at a lower individual cost than you could if you were able to do it
alone. So for a moment instead of thinking of 2176 that are separate,
let's think of these 2176 being put into one factory, into one bowl, into
one outlook, into one drive ahead, to solve the problem which can only
be solved in union, and if there are some of you individualists here
today, good old rugged individualists, you will realize that it is a day
which is coming.
Union is the thing which gives us strength. It takes coordination of
these purposes and sometimes a little tendency to give and a little
tendency to forget your individual conception of communal good. The
first thing is to take the business as a whole. You are a producer.
Your factory and all of its few hundred assets amount to nothing,
only in relation to how well you worship the American housewife. She

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