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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Sammis, J. L.
Secretary's progress report,   pp. 67-70 PDF (964.5 KB)

Page 68

able to steer them right. They never amount to much and the officers
may have to be replaced, or we may have to reorganize them. In be-
tween that there are a lot of what I would like to call about half-
grown branches that are doing well but they still need quite a lot of
boosting before they will get to be first class prosperous branches.
You have made a good start, but there is room in the state for more
branches to be organized, to bring in 1000 more makers.
Yesterday a cheese maker from a county west of here came to me
and said, how can we get a branch in our county?
This work is making progress. It is not complete, any more than
the work of this state association is complete. You expect to do bet-
ter things as the years go by. It takes continual study and work to
make progress.
During the past year many of the branches have been asking for
help. I have received 80 requests from different branches, where they
voted to ask me to come to their meeting and give them some help. I
have attended 65 of those branch meetings during the last summer. I
named a date and they set the meeting on the date I named, so that I
could be there without waste of money for travel.
In general, the association finances have run along just about the
same this last year as they did in previous years and don't call for
any particular comment. There are one or two new things for you to
consider this year. When this branch organization began, you had the
time of the secretary spent in organizing and you had the travel ex-
penses of the secretary to go from one county to another, all paid for
by the state, paid for through the dairy school, or paid for as some
part of the appropriation of six hundred dollars the legislature has
given us.
At the present time there is a new feature for you to consider. Be-
cause of reduced appropriations to the University, the dairy school is
unable to pay for the six summer months spent in visiting branches
and organizing new ones. They didn't pay for it last summer. Last
summer during the six months spent among the branches my time
has not been paid for. I didn't intend to mention that particularly,
but I want to show you that from now on so far as we can tell, if you
want the work of the secretary continuous all through the summer to
look after branches and organize new ones, and keep news letters go-
ing, watch the legislature and keep you supplied with legislative bills
according to the plan that has been used, you will have to raise about
six hundred dollars for the secretary's time for six months.
For your information, I will say I still have the half year or five
months contract with the dairy school, covering the months when we
offer four-day schools.
There is another need for more money. The legislature during the
coming session will probably cut off the six hundred dollar appropria-
tion they have given us for twenty years. There is a whole group of
small and large associations including this one and the Central and
Southern, and the Potato Growers, a whole bunch of agricultural as-
sociations that have been getting appropriations, but the last session

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