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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Whiting, E. B.
President's annual address,   pp. 64-66 PDF (738.0 KB)

Dairy queen,   pp. 66-67 PDF (529.3 KB)

Page 66

MR. DAVIS: Mr. Chairman, as president of the Cheese Board, I will
say that the majority vote of the members is called for, for a sugges-
tion of correct differentials of price between state and standard. That
vote varies. We have had a majority of one vote at times suggesting
the half cent. There has been a number of times that % of a cent has
been suggested but in talking with the cheese dealers they have felt
that the cheese maker was trying to do the best work he could, and
they felt they should not throw upon those makers a personal loss of
greater than that half cent and they didn't want to throw unnecessary
hardship on those makers. So for that reason the cheese dealers have
voted that the suggestion of the difference should be a half cent.
Ma. MALcZEWSKI: If we are going to make a cent differential
there, hadn't we better discard our present 40 per cent moisture law?
Isn't it a fact that if we are going to make all cheese to be state
brand, we have got to decrease our moisture so we don't get any soft
cheese? Are we going to give the public then what they want? Are
we going to make a softer cheese if the public demands it, and then
take a licking for it?
PRESIDENT WHITING: Are you ready for the question?
MR. KoprrzKE: I feel about the same as Mr. Malczewski about
that. I believe that the fellow who makes a soft cheese will be out of
luck. Some fellows just simply think that if the cheese is soft it is
absolutely no good, so it is just too bad if we make that kind of cheese.
I explained at Marshfield and Shawano about the patron I had who
ate 41 pounds per capita and who demands a cheese of 40 per cent
moisture. Should we give him that cheese so that he eats 41 pounds
per year, or not. Should we discourage that?
MR. DEBUHR: Mr. Chairman, in the audience yesterday afternoon
certain cheese makers that sold cheese locally out of the factory said
that the majority of the cheese sold from the factory was a soft or
high moisture cheese. Now then, if you want to go to work and make
a differential of one cent a pound between state and standards it is
just too bad for anybody that is trying to make a soft cheese and as
long as the consuming public wants a soft cheese, give it to them. If
it sells, give it to them. A dry cheese sure is fine for advertising
cheese, but if they want to buy fresh cheese you cannot sell them dry
PRESIDENT WHITING: Ladies and gentlemen, I don't want to inter-
rupt this discussion or motion we have before the house, but we have
with us at this time a dairy queen, and she has to get a train out of
here. I would like to have Mr. Sommers, the Secretary of the Asso-
ciation of Commerce, introduce our dairy queen.
MR. SoMMERS: Mr. President and members of the Wisconsin
Cheese Makers Association: I know you are busy and in a hurry, so
without the formality of a long introduction, I have the great pleasure
and honor, to introduce Miss Fay Kelly, the Dairy Queen of the State
of Wisconsin. We feel happy about her selection to represent the in-
dustry in our field, because of the publicity she has brought to Wis-
consin and the good will she has won in the home of the President.
He is going to live twenty years longer because he is going to eat
Wisconsin cheese. The whole country from north to south, and east to
west is going to consume more cheese, and every cheese factory will
work to capacity and increase in numbers. Wisconsin will be known
not only as the greatest cheese center in the whole world but the cen-
ter where they have the finest girls.
Miss FAY KELLY (Dairy Queen): I would like to take the oppor-
tunity to thank you for the fine reception that you gave me here to-

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