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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Whiting, E. B.
President's annual address,   pp. 64-66 PDF (738.0 KB)

Page 65

The Department of Agriculture and Markets at Madison has done a
great work the past year in advertising, and have also given cheese a
great amount of publicity. They are to be commended for their great
work and it is my wish that this Association give them a vote of
thanks for their efforts.
The Wisconsin Cheese Makers' publicity plan has been functioning
in good form. May it live on with increased energy from year to year.
The Branches of this Association have been putting up signs calling
the attention of the public to eat more cheese. All of these things
working together are bound to increase the consumption of cheese. If
we could increase the consumption one pound per person there would
be a shortage instead of a surplus.
Another project which has been launched and perfected of late is
the Cheese Makers Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This Company
was organized July 9th, 1934. Believing this to be of great benefit to
the cheese maker in protection at a very nominal cost, it is hoped that
every cheese factory in the state will in time be protected by this
In closing we must not forget the many thousands of tourists who
come to our state each year. In their travels they pass many of our
cheese factories. We should see that the grounds surrounding our
factories are beautified, such as flower beds, nice lawns, and so forth,
for these things are bound to give the tourist a very favorable and
lasting impression. I thank you.
MR. DAvIS: Mr. President, has this organization ever gone on rec-
ord in expressing an opinion on price differential between state and
standard grades?
PRESIDENT WHITING: Well, I speak from my own personal mind.
I have thought that I would rather see the price one cent instead of 1A
MR. DAVIS: If someone on this floor would make the motion of that
kind, would you entertain it?
PRESIDENT WHITING: We certainly would.
MR. DAvIS: At present there is a vote of members on the Board of
Trade that they don't make any price on standards, they simply sug-
gest 6ne. I wonder whether any of you would prefer making a motion
for a vote on that subject?
MR. STECKE8: Mr. Chairman, I will make a motion that the differ-
ence between state brands and standard brands be a cent.
(Motion seconded).
PRESIDENT WHITING: Moved and seconded the difference between
standard and state be one cent. Let's hear some discussion.
SECRETARY SAMMIS: Mr. President, I don't want to vote on this yet
because I have heard only one side of the question. I have heard many
cheese makers say the difference ought to be one cent. I have never
yet heard a public statement from those people who suggest one-half
cent, as to the reason why they think one-half cent is correct. I sup-
pose they have a reason and it would interest me, if this is the proper
time for the discussion, to find out what the reason is. Maybe they
haven't any reason; maybe they have a very good reason.

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